Sunday, January 06, 2008

over & over again

let's start out with some knitting, shall we? it's been a long, long time since we've seen any knitting on here. that doesn't mean i haven't been hard at work!:


jemima is almost done; i've only the seaming, button band, and collar left. i'd probably have all of that finished up but for a wayward sleeve, seen above, which required extensive ripping twice (hence the lifeline at the bottom of the cap). okay, maybe it's not fair to blame the sleeve. but i'm sure glad we made up! the frog tree yarn is deliciously soft and light and i can't wait to get this sweater put together.

lil bunny is much the same; still tilting toward the right day in and day out. so i decided to force her to try to hop about.

you want me to what?

she's a bit scared to move with anything other than the most tentative of steps (and even that, not often); i'm nervous her muscles might start to atrophy if this goes on too long. so out into the living room she came, with cole to help nudge her along.


baby steps.


Miss Limerick said...

My grandmother's cat was having a problem where she seemed fine, but she would just fall over... the vet said it was vertigo! crazy!

CresceNet said...

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Michelle said...

Your rabbits are magnificent. I love the photo of Cole and lil bunny are beautiful-just the image I'd see if I pictured rabbits.