Monday, February 18, 2008

the long hike home

chantry flats winter creek trail

chantry flats winter creek trail

chantry flats winter creek trail

last week a nature-loving coworker suggested that i check out chantry flat, a gorgeous bit of the national forest about 20 minutes away. so yesterday b and i loaded up our backpacks and headed out to the hoegees camp loop hike, two miles of lush creek-filled forest followed by three miles of your standard mountainy socal brush. it was a beautiful hike - we'll definitely be going back.

wet foot

of course, one and a half miles in i managed to fall into the creek. thank goodness for my wonderful hiking boots! my foot stayed warm even whilst soaked!


Anonymous said...

Is taking pics of our feet a family thing? Maybe it's genetic:) But mine are usually in the ocean!

Danielle said...

So glad you posted this. I will be doing this hike as soon as possible

domestipithecus said...

I took almost the same picture of my foot when Josh and I went up there and we reached the falls. I loved it up there.