Sunday, March 30, 2008

sense & sensibility

i can't help myself - the BBC version is on masterpiece theatre right now and i've only just completed this:

sullivan street bolero

i absolutely adore this knit - worked all in one piece with very simple but flattering shaping. if it weren't for the miles of edging (350 stitches around the body, yikes!), the process would have been completely pleasant. and even so, the finishing wasn't too horrible at that - i think this may just be my favorite new stash buster!

sullivan street bolero

close up! i know the hooks & eyes are on backwards but i tried 'em every which way, and this was the prettiest!

i am dying to start in on the olive branch yoga hoodie but alas! i waited until saturday to order the pattern and now it won't arrive until monday. i can't abide idle fingers so...

lace ribbon scarf

this is veronik avery's lace ribbon scarf. i've since jammed through a couple of pattern repeats and adore it!

for anyone who might be wondering, mr b is doing much better on his new medication. sweet little boy - i'll leave you with that.



Michelle said...

I love the bolero, it is so cute! I'm glad mr b is feeling better. While it's terrible that pets can get sick, I feel very fortunate that there are so many treatments these days. All the best, mr b!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Hugs to Mr. B:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stash-buster idea. Also looks like it would make a good train project...

lara said...

love the look of that olive branch hoodie! and well done on another quick knit with the bolero :)

I just came into possession of a lovely 2 disc set copy of the not-yet-released on dvd S&S myself, hurrah! I have no tv to catch it on masterpiece theater, you see, so I have to get my Austen fix through other means ;) hopefully it'll make good knitting entertainment this coming weekend.

Sze said...

Bubby!!! I'm soooo happy he's better!!!