Thursday, April 24, 2008

new things

okay, so have 'yall tried magic loop yet? i don't know that i'll ever go back to dpns. don't get me wrong - it can be fun to play with lots of little pointy sticks all at once and it certainly turns heads when KIPing, but... ohhh, this is so easy! and fast! and ladder-free!

olive branch yoga hoodie - wip

i decided to try this technique for the sleeves on my olive branch yoga hoodie. i'm fairly certain that with some discipline this weekend, i'll finally be finished. unless i decide to do the pockets. *wood knocking* the yarn is so soft and snuggly, i can't wait to wear it!

i've also been playing around with some ideas for a new sweater. let's check in on my work station.

work station!

all's right in the world when your work station involves a cat!

for this project i've been trying out knit picks harmony wooden cable needles, gifted to me by beigeberry. i've fallen in love - the grooves in the wood hold cable stitches perfectly without being an absolute pain to knit from. and the wood is so smooth and rich. can you tell?

swatch & cable needle

ehhh, no; my camera focus isn't so great with all this color going on!

time to get moving!

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LizKnits said...

The cable in that purple yarn looks great! Can wait to see what you're starting.