Sunday, May 04, 2008

weekend score

today i went to the monthly pasadena city college flea market, and boy did i score!

flea market stash!

that's six skeins of brown sheep cotton fleece and one of a nice tweedy wool - all for less than $20. some yarn store in maine went out of business and a friend was selling off bits of yarn for her at the market. ahh, bliss!

i also finally found a couple of different simple earring displays for a buck each:


now i just need to build a light box, find a decent printer for cards, and i'm in business!


Miss Limerick said...

did you start an etsy store? did you enter the fredflare thing?

lara said...


hooray for scoring nice yarn, as well :)

let me know how it goes with building that light box, it's on my long term to do list as well!

Deborah said...

Wow, all without having to pay shipping!