Saturday, August 15, 2009

seriously, people.

so i still can't show you the knitting, but i can show you something very special.


a grown woman in a peter pan costume at the jonas brothers concert. no idea. okay, if you have 8-16 year old girls in your family go get them now please:

JB Concert

that's enough of that. although - wait. okay. this show had the most awesome visual effect i've ever ever seen - a cylindrical wall of water drops that, as they fell, formed really detailed shapes. like hearts. and jonas brothers logos. anyway.

i've been pretty MIA this week because little bunny is sick - really sick this time, and most of the good bunny vets are all at an exotics conference. she has surgery scheduled (again) for monday. the long wait means she can't eat much on her own (except after her daily dose of metacam - pain meds, i love you!), has pulled most of the fur out of her dewlap trying to get it clean, and i've had to chase her about to force feed her. so mainly i've been looking at this:


also this week?


maeve ate my earphones and a tube of my antibiotic burn cream. out of my purse. on separate occasions. *sigh*


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm so sorry to hear your bunny is sick. I hope that this surgery will fix everything.

Sounds like that burn of yours is still bothering you. You might want to ask your doctor about a new dressing they have to keep the scaring flat - if that is a concern.

Anonymous said...

Hey- has Lil B ever tried Critical Care? Its by Oxbow- you mix it with water and Puff eats it right off a plate- kinda smells like licorice. Puff has some stuff going on right now, so the fact that he voluntarily eats it is wonderful.

Lara said...

oh maeve. silly kitty. Hope the concert was super entertaining. And also that little bunny feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Kisses to the bun, and no kisses to maeve.

Anonymous said...

aw. I'm very sorry about your bunny.

Also- are you sure thats a woman wearing the costume? she looks very....manly. that's sad.

Can I ask you a knitting question? I tried making your bella mittens, using worsted wieght acrylic, and whatever needle size you suggested in the pattern. But they came out much much MUCH larger than your mittens in the picture. Mine goes almost past my elbow!!! I was under the impression that Cascade 109 was a worsted wieght?? If its not...then how on earth did you get your mittens so regular sized while mine are rather...behemouth sized??!!

Thanks much! Love the sweater your working on too! it's gorgeous! ~Nikki~

Anonymous said...

Hi Mari,
This is really random, but today I found a baby bunny in my backyard. My dog actually found it and scared it really badly. The mother doesn't seem to be around, and I'm not sure what to do with it! I brought in the house and put it in a box with a towel so it could burrow. I gave it some spinach, and I really don't know what else to do!! Please email me, or anyone else who knows about bunnies who sees this, please email me with suggestions!