Thursday, November 05, 2009

and now for something completely different

bella's mittens - prizes!

ta-da! we have prizes for the bella's mittens contest!

in no particular order...
-2 skeins of misti alpaca lace weight (enough for a good-sized shawl each)
-3 skeins rowan summer tweed
-2 skeins lana grossa point
-2 skeins artful yarns candy
-1 skein suss yarn twisted
-10 (!) skeins noro big bebe
-twilight movie guide (big book - lots of pretty pictures!)
-new moon soundtrack

i haven't decided how i'll split up the bounty between the two winners, but there you go. lots of good stuff, so submit your photos!.

on another fibery note, (look at all this actual knitting content!) on sunday i decided to skip town and head on down to this:

torrance fiber festival

lots of yummy fiber...

torrance fiber festival

torrance fiber festival

and i even found michelle amongst all the yarn, spinning away!

torrance fiber festival

i was a good girl; i didn't buy anything, but it was nice to pet everything (you know you do it too) and catch up with fellow knitters!

finally - thanks, everyone, for the kind words earlier in the week. we're headed back to the vet tomorrow because cole's not really getting any better. send us those good vibes, please!


malaraky said...

look at all those fun prizes and fibery goodness - and you didn't buy anything! in fact, you're giving things away! amazing. where oh where can I come up with some bulky yarn for a pair of mitts FAST??

sending you good feeling bunny vibes... xL

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Sorry to hear your bunny is not doing well.....

I'm going to make the deadline I think. I'm starting on my second Bella :)

I've never been to that fiber show (or any fiber show) - but wonder if you saw Lori of Capistrano Fibers? I believe she shows at these events. Love her yarns and patterns.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Michelle spinning! Great pictures- looks like fun.

Bestill my heart- New Moon is coming...

Poor Cole- thinking all the best thoughts I have for him!

Roxanne said...

You didn't buy anything? I'm impressed. I don't have nearly that much self control. Great prizes!

Alisha said...

Holy moly....I am drooling here! What great prizes to share!

Poor bun :(

Christie said...

Good vibes sent out to Cole!

How funny would it have been if I was in the background of your pictures? Sadly, I'm not there! :(

Christie said...

How funny! Natalie [woolanthropy blog] is in the background of one of your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Bunny kisses to Cole.

Moan said...


I just came across your excellent blog!
I just love it! and our garmets...
I sure had a good time readig thru your postings :)

KnitsBy said...

Just a quick question about the contest! Are photos supposed to be submitted BEFORE the 20th or do photos submitted ON the 20th count as well?

My hubby is out of town and comes back on the 20th, so I have no one to take awesome photos of me and my mittens! Not to mention that because of him I have to wait until the 21st to go see New Moon! :)