Monday, April 26, 2010

the good, the bad, and the fooding

i'm still knitting away at coraline, here and there on weekends - and honestly, how much stockinette do you want to see every week? not much. i know it. so instead?

let's talk about foodstuffs.

my garden, i'm happy to say, is sprouting despite the unusual chilly socal april.



the radishes are almost 3" now, and the beets and mesclun are well on their way. i was despairing of my herbs and tomatoes, but i've noticed a few little green bits here and there just this weekend so yay!

outside of the garden, we've also been experimenting in the kitchen. we have a nice new panini press which honestly has revolutionized our late, quick dinners. throw some random cheese and veggies on a roll and toast it all up pretty! we are very guilty of eating too many frozen goods - it's rare that i'm home before 7:30pm so time to cook is slim - and this has been a lifesaver.


making pizza

we are trying the homemade pizza thing. blue moon always helps.

making pizza

i would consider this one a tentative hit. it's quite clear that you do not need an entire package of tj's fresh wheat dough for a two-person meal, and that i need to hold back a bit on the sauce despite my undying love for crazy saucy pizzas. but the fresh garlic and sesame seed crust? awesome.

the bunnies? they approve of their carrot tops but not of this inane post.


some day life will get more creative and less hectic, right? right.


Sherri said...

A panini press sounds like a great idea! I make pizza dough in my bread maker, and later it a bit of course with garlic, basil, oregano, flax ... it's great & you can make calazones, pizza or anything else you want from it! Even make extra to freeze ...

Lara said...

long live creativity especially where food is concerned. boo to insanely busy work days.

glad to see your post. Have a great Tuesday!

Samina said...

Paninis and pizzas are awesome. We had pizza just last evening (yummy).

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Neither of those bunnies is named Peter I hope? I can't help but thinking about Peter Rabbit when I see a garden patch - LOL

I love grilled sandwiches - have you tried using goat cheese with the vegetables? Another decadent combo is steak, green pepper, and cheddar.

I'm getting hungry!!!

Mama Linda said...

Less hectic? Yes it will:) Maybe we should get a panini press...hmmmm..................Love and miss you!

Lindsey said...

Have you seen this? I saw it and thought of you.
It's a giant 4 foot long, 50 pound pet bunny!

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