Monday, September 01, 2008

ez streak

i've been on an ez streak, and now i know why so many love the pithy lady: she's brilliant! exhibit A:

february baby sweater blocking

the february baby sweater blocking. knit on straights and all in one piece, with just a couple of short sleeve seams to finish 'er up. brilliant, i tell you! and too cute! b and i went to the button store in beverly (yes, it's really called that, and yes, it's awesome) where i picked up some shiny pink buttons. i can't wait until the sweater's dry and i can give it to my friend!

on to exhibit B:

ganomy hat

this is called the ganomy hat (both patterns are from ez's knitter's almanac) and, just like everyone says, it really is gnome-tastic! another couple of friends are bailing on us - i.e., leaving los angeles before we do - and heading to colorado. so i'm knitting them nice, warm hats with ear flaps. this one's in debbie bliss alpaca silk from my stash and it is so soft. i have enough left to make another for me! here it is on my head model:

ganomy hat

i decreased faster for a shorter point on the top and added a tassel like i'd seen in some other versions on ravelry. again the construction is brilliant (mitres, people!). love love love it!

today i'm hoping to cast on for yet a third ez project. stay tuned and i'll leave you with your weekly shot of my backyard. seems sunday was sailing day, and it was nice and overcast, just the way i like it.

sundays are for sailing (apparently)

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malaraky said...

looking good! hooray for clever, fun projects!!

I'm hoping to get back into my knitting routine asap!