Friday, August 22, 2008

flex fridays

i'm down to my last few flex fridays - our department is part of an 'experiment' for the summer where we can elect to work four ten-hour days. it doesn't always happen - there are weeks where i just need to go in on friday - but for the most part i've been happy with the program. today i really needed the extra day off and i knew just what would fit the bill.

the mecca

yarns unlimited is a fabulous yarn store just a couple miles away from my house - a good walk or an easy bike ride. i'd only been there once before, when miss limerick and i did a west side yarn crawl - this is the place i bought my denise interchangable needles kit. while they may not carry super-chic yarns (like rowan), they have all of the workhorse stuff in tons of different colors and that's just what i needed!

bike haul

i picked up some cascade 220 heathers for an upcoming KAL with malarky - the minimalist cardigan that she oh-so-craftily noticed we both had queued in ravelry. i'm not 100% certain that i'll use this yarn for that project but it was a good price and a lovely color, so it'll get knit up into some sweater at any rate!

i also bought some pretty light blue cascade pastaza for the estes vest. i don't love the rolly i-cord on the bottom but otherwise i adore this knit!

then i spent a couple of hours like this:

friday afternoon

ahh, i love being so close to the beach!

for the rest of the afternoon, before we go out to dinner, i'm going to work on my current WIP - a february baby sweater from elizabeth zimmerman's knitter's almanac.

february baby sweater

i've been dying to knit this up but didn't have the occasion until my friend jo told me she's due in january! the color is more of a dusty blue-green than it appears here and i'm planning to find some cute pearly pink buttons to give it a touch more femininity.

have a wonderful weekend, 'yall!

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Mom said...

You're SO CUTE! Feel like you';re here talking to me........Catch you over the weekend! I am SO jealous of the BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!