Wednesday, April 01, 2009

looking up

snow white

well, i wasn't intending to do that NaKniSweMo* thing but - just under the gun i've finished three sweaters in the first three months of the year! okay, yes, one of the sweaters - my minimalist cardi - was mostly knit in 2008 and just seamed in 2009, but who's keeping tabs?

mr b

and i'm thrilled to report that mr b is doing FABULOUSLY, and it makes me so happy to see him spry again.** the vet's called his iron and b12 shots a success - his red blood cell count is way up, in the clear. he's still sneezing, but over the weekend we switched the baytril for another antibiotic (i can never remember the name) as well as keeping him on the dual pen injections, and in 24 hours he just perked right up - all sparkly-eyed and mischevious again! oh happy week!

*actually, i think that's the name for the month where you knit a sweater with 50K stitches or something? and the one sweater a month thing is called something else? help?

**except that he kept us up all night again with his exuberant chewing of new yorker magazines under our bed - i swear i found them all and moved them but every night he unearths another!


Sam said...

the sweater looks great - glad to see your bun is doing better

Anonymous said...

So glad he's up to shredding the New Yorker- yay for feeling better buns!

So went do we get to see the sweater modeled?

Yay again for Mr B!!

Bridget said...

Hooray for Mr B!

Anonymous said...

Lovely sweater! And I'm glad that Mr.B is feeling better. There's nothing more satisfying than a happy, healthy pet!

Anonymous said...

Hi! We read about Mr B on Puff's blog and we're glad he's doing much better already! Nose bumps to him :)

Aka-C said...

Ohhh... my dearest Bubby~~~ <3

Lindsey said...

Beautiful sweater! Those are some tasty looking greens for quite a perky looking little rabbit! Congratulations on both.