Sunday, October 18, 2009

on and on and on

so on friday i learned how to use this:


that is a proper drip IV. oh yes.

on thursday night we noticed that cole bunny wasn't feeling so well; by friday morning i was quite nervous and took him to the vet first thing (luckily the head of hospital was in early and willing to see him before his first scheduled appointment). i came home with instructions to stick around all day and watch him - and early in the afternoon we went back for x-rays and full diagnosis: full-blown ileus. having cared for rabbits for a good almost-decade, i've witnessed my fair share of this horrible illness, and it never gets easier or less scary.

lucky for me, with lots of meds, sub-cutaneous fluids, and force-feeding, cole started to turn around about 24 hours later. less lucky - he decided he was pissed at the world for making him do things he didn't want to do, and started to fight with little bunny. a proper, no-holds-barred, i'm-gonna-bite-you-and-tear-out-your-fur fight. and not one fight. many fights. we had to separate them for the night.

first thing in the morning, into the car they went. we drove around the neighborhood for about half an hour until they were snuggling out of terror (yeah, i know) and then into the hallway - neutral territory - they went. they're finally back in home base - their crate - and staying in there, doors closed, until at least tomorrow morning. i figure, they know they have to share the small space and are less likely to get territorial over it than, say, the far corner under our dining table with lots of room to lunge.

so yeah, not much sleep this weekend. but this afternoon b and i finally felt comfortable enough with the bunny situation to go see where the wild things are. please, go see it. don't go expecting a traditional kids' movie. go with your mind open to whatever might show up before you, and i promise you won't be sorry.

so. knitting. this is going to be the better part of my halloween costume:


any guesses?

p.s. - for the gal who wrote that the laura sweater link doesn't work - it seems to work on the sidebar? not sure what's up? try this.



Anonymous said...

A sheep!

Julie said...

Thanks for the Laura pattern. I have added it to my to-knit list.
Love your house - that pillar is gorgeous. Hope your bunny gets better soon. I really enjoy your blog.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I am so sorry to hear about the bunny troubles. Hugs. I have my fingers crossed that it will resolve and everything will be back to normal soon.

I think you are going to be a bunny. That yarn will become one gigantic cotton tail ;)

Roxanne said...

So glad your bunny is ok! I'm going to go with a sheep costume too; can't wait to see! And yes, Wild Things was amazing!

beth said...

Oh, sad news about the bunnies. Who isn't crabby when they're feeling sick, though it would take a bunny to want to take it out on another bunny. They're immune to the cuteness, I guess.

Um, not a sheep? White and three skeins... is a bunny too obvious a choice? A skein for each ear, and a third to pull it all together.

mindy said...

Oh, poor Cole! (and poor Little B)

Oops, hay god here- gotta run...

Lindsey said...

Sorry to hear about the bunny troubles. Sick pets are the saddest! :(
I think you are going to knit yourself that wild things outfit that Max wears!