Sunday, October 04, 2009

the long arm

okay, how embarrassing. i've been super-crazy MIA. we've been fixing up the house - scouring the town for new furniture and practically living at home depot - and civic duty seems to follow me wherever i go. yes, i spent a week at the santa monica airport courthouse taking notes and deliberating on a really lame case. *sigh* i guess they all can't be like the last one.

in the bit of spare time i'm able to muscle aside for myself, i've been knitting - but still on the super-secret project - and gardening.


the garden box needed a little fixing up, and yesterday i finally had the chance to get my hands in the dirt! i'm starting with a bunch of herbs - a nice big rosemary bush, a couple of lavender varieties, basil, italian parsley, cilantro, oregeno - some lettuces, a tomato plant and a pepper plant. since we're so late in the season (can you believe it's october? OCTOBER, people!), i got a bunch of starts from the marina del ray garden center. next step: plant a few winter-happy seedlings in the house.


i'm hoping to keep the garden live and kicking with this - our brand-new compost bin! the city of los angeles has this amazing program that gives massive discounts on compost bins and tools - just drive out to the griffith park composting facility and pick one up cheap! schedule here for locals!

maybe some day, my produce will look as beautiful as the stuff i picked up at the farmer's market this morning -

santa monica home

anyway. i do have some exciting plans in the works, so stay tuned...


Mama Linda said...

Looks like a great start! Love you

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I love it! That is what is called a "chef's Garden."

BTW, you owe me no email :) When life gets hectic emailing/internet time is the first and best thing to cast aside!

Can't wait to see your secret project!!!

Michelle said...

I'm loving your garden. How are you enjoying your new place?

Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful- and it looks like you're having a great time settling in.