Sunday, February 14, 2010

a beautiful thing


rosamund's done! well, she's knit. and it's finally nice and warm out so i might muster up the courage to block her and she might dry some time this century. first i have to clean out a bucket, because the bathroom sink's not big enough to hold all this wool!

i'll admit i've been procrastinating because after a great game of scrabble last night (b won - he broke 300!), b gave me this:


well, the bag was a random wonderful surprise gift from my mum and the perfect size to hold a few knitting projects, with pockets for notions. over the holidays, we saw a marimekko retrospective in a vacated storefront, and when i professed my love for all things marimekko, well. my mum remembers important things!

but i digress. anyway, i spent all morning watching elizabeth bennet and mr. darcy in high-def. which got me thinking. in honor of valentine's day, i've decided to share with you my top-ten all-time favorite romantic movies, guaranteed to make your heart pitter-patter. (only girls read this blog, right?) ready? here we go!:

10. the wedding singer
i don't know what it is about this movie, but i can watch it over and over, and fall in love with adam sandler every time. it's funny and sweet and full of crazy '80s music in the best fashion!

9. wives & daughters - 1999 bbc version
okay, technically a mini-series but the bbc mini-series are just like really really long movies and can be easily watched in one sitting with some knitting, tea, and box of chocolates or nutella on toast. if you like period pieces, this one is fantastic. look for michael gambon, justine waddell, and keeley hawes. written by andrew davies. need i say more? i think not.

8. harold and maude
a different kind of love story, certainly. but such a sweet one. (yes, i always cry.)

7. the princess bride
really, i don't need to say anything, right? right.

6. pride & prejudice - 1996 bbc version
for the purists out there - yes, i have this verson on blu-ray too (also a gift from b; he spoils me!). this one is by far the most accurate to the novel, which is a very good thing. i've been known to have p&p marathons in my house. by myself. all five hours, just me and colin firth.

5. once
a little movie about music and love made on a shoestring budget that caught fire like mad a few years back just via word of mouth. you've seen this movie, yes? no? okay, go rent it right. now. and get some tissues. and throw some credits into your itunes account because you'll need to purchase the soundtrack directly.

4. it happened one night
probably my favorite frank capra movie, starring claudette colbert, who plays a snobby headstrong but naive socialite on the run from her father, who doesn't want her to marry her beau. oh, did i forget to mention it also stars clark gable as a snarky, worldly newspaper reporter? and they fall in love against their wills? oh yes.

3. sense & sensibility - 2008 bbc version
i am forever indebted to malaraky for sending me this one. it is a visually gorgeous movie and the love and lust is utterly palpable, in a proper 19th century kind of way.

2. pride & prejudice - 2005 focus version
okay, so it might not be quite as accurate as the 1996 bbc version, but boy is it steamy! (in that proper 19th century kind of way?)

1. the philadelphia story
this is not only my favorite romantic film, it's also my favorite movie of all time. it is smart, hilarious, sweet, and uplifting. katharine hepburn plays a wealthy self-righteous divorcee about to marry a "man of the people" when her ex (cary grant) comes back to town, all the while being spied upon by a tabloid reporter (james stewart) who falls in love with her too. the dialogue is phenomenally witty and the actors are all at their best in this wonderful movie.

so, what did i forget? what romantic movies are your favorites, that i might just not know about? please share, because i have sweaters to knit and chocolate to eat!

happy valentine's day!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to ponder that awhile, haven't really been thinking too romantically, lately. I do like "Something's Got To Give" though it may have to do with the fact (don't everyone throw things at me at once) I like Keanu Reeves.

Can't wait to see Rosamund on.

pendie said...

I love your movie ideas. Mine are a little different: Rob Roy (who can resist a man in a kilt), Scarlet Pimpernel (Anthony Andrews is awesome!), Chocolate (well, Johnny Depp. Nothing more to say!). I always like a good version of Jane Eyre as well. Nice sweater!

Aimee said...

One of my favorites is Love Actually. Can't beat the cast and the storyline is absolutely wonderful. OH and need I mention the soundtrack? So good that figure skaters decided to skate to it in the Olympics :D I won't say who as to spoil it for those on time delay or DVR!

jkdub said...

Love Actually and my all time favorite, The Goodbye Girl.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Mums have a way of remembering. Wonderful Bag!!!

Pride & Prejudice, chocolates and knitting. Valentine's Day perfection.

I'll add to your list An Officer and a Gentleman.

Jane said...

Hey *waves* I'm not really a romantic sorta person but one romantic movie I like is Just Like Heaven, just enough comedy in it to make it good =]

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the movie list, a few were new to me. Philadelphia story is one of my all time favs. Return to me is another one I adore.

Sara said...

The two Bridget Jone's movies - Colin Firth & Hugh Grant - YUM!

Lee said...

While You Were Sleeping and Sleepless in Seattle are "oldies but goodies" for me. Oh, yeah.......Casablanca. And speaking of Hugh Grant...Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Carol said...

Great movie choices -- lots of my faves there, especially The Philadelphia Story (for obvious reasons!). I'd add "When Harry Met Sally," too.

Now off to ponder which is more beautiful; the finished Rosamund or the cozy kitteh.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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