Monday, February 22, 2010

well, hello there!

i have something to show you!


pattern: rosamund's cardigan by andrea pomerantz, ik fall 2009
yarn: cascade ecological wool in the "natural" colorway (2 skeins)
mods: armbands and bottom in 1x1 twisted rib rather than regular 'ole 1x1 and added 3" to the overall length

dudes, i love this sweater. love love love. it is beautiful, no? and the fit is great. it was totally worth the bazillion hooks-and-eyes i had to sew on (two hours of meticulous finishing work for a sweater with no seams, ugh!). the knitting is a little tough on the hands since you're working with bulky yarn on medium-sized needles but it goes fast. and i am so glad i knit this in a neutral color so i can wear it often!
i had b take a few quick snaps before i left for work this morning (hence the wet hair) so no close-ups of the buttons or cables or any of that fun stuff - yet. the buttons are brown faux-leather and absolutely perfect. did i mention i love this sweater? love.


so on saturday i drove out to riverside and ended up here.


okay, guys - if riverside, california is anywhere near where you live, you've got to stop by knitting with sandra, because you'll meet some of the coolest knitting ladies ever. the store has a great little backstory - a group of friends always met up at their lys for knit nights. you know. we do that. but despite their dedication, the owner couldn't sustain the business. so the friends? they bought it. they bought the store, laid down some paint, purchased new fixtures, and started ordering cream-of-the-crop yarn, all while working their day jobs (nurses, teachers - normal tough time-consuming jobs). and it's working. these ladies are so delightful and silly and snarky and raucous, people just flock in and sit around and hang out and buy yarn and knit.

i wish i had taken some photos of the interior and the lovely folk who set me up there (thanks, shelley, for EVERYTHING!) but i was so busy signing and chatting that i didn't get a chance. so i'll have to go back.

oh, right - did i mention i got some yarn?


frog tree meriboo. enough for ysolda teague's coraline. this yarn is amazing - i already knit up a swatch, and it's so soft and drapey and has just the right amount of shine that the detail work will pop even though the color is dark (another sweater that will match my wardrobe, yay!).

i think i always need to have at least one sweater going. see that pattern there on the couch? that's up next...

happy monday!


SIONA said...

¡que cardigan tan bonito!
un abrazo,

Anonymous said...

cool blog,期待更新........................................

Anonymous said...

Oh it's gorgeous on you!

Sounds like a great shop, and sounds like the signing went well. If I'd been on that coast instead of this one...

Lara said...

Rosamund looks great - and that frog tree, yum!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

It's darling on you!!! I love Rosamund ~ it's perfect for our climate. I wonder if it's the right gauge for some of my stash yarn???? I usually use little snap buttons for finishing work, but perhaps I ought to try hooks instead. Either way, I agree sewing them on is a pain - LOL

Looks like a very nice LYS up there in Riverside.

Christina said...

Man oh Man. I love that sweater too! Great job!

NJ said...

It looks super! I might make that sweater myself.

Kat1e said...

gorgeous sweater!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

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