Tuesday, November 27, 2007

it might finally be winter

it's a balmy 53 degrees here in southern california. my mom keeps sending me photos of the snow cover in vermont and i got to see a bit of it myself in ohio over the holiday break:

snow in ohio (thanksgiving 2007)

thanksgiving was wonderful; b's family is so nice and we spent quite a bit of time playing guitar hero and wii golf (b's grandma even got in on the action!). despite the overly melodramatic warnings of every news show on television and the radio, traveling was a cinch - no car or people traffic in sight! i'm none too pleased to be back at the grindstone but at least the holidays are coming up! (and yes, that's a new holiday secret project in the progress bar at right. if you're on ravelry you can see it here. i'm a glutton for punishment.)

in ohio we had a triple birthday celebration and i received some wonderful gifts from b's family:

mug & cookie jar
rooster cookie jar and holiday mug

knitting over the edge
yay! a fabulous stitch pattern book!

yummy candle
yummy candle made in b's hometown

very little progress made on snow white during the long weekend due to tara the terror, b's parents' new golden doodle pup who loves to jump! jump! jump! on me! ah well. i think i'll have to put it aside until after the hols anyway.

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