Saturday, November 10, 2007


it's been a long week. a long, long, long week.

what a week

wednesday night work sent me to the hannah montana concert at the staples center. if you don't know who hannah montana is, you must not interface with ten year old girls, like, ever. the place was completely sold out and we got to sit near the likes of heather locklear, andy garcia, kobe bryant, and steven spielberg. no joke!

i escaped partway through the 'miley cyrus' portion of the event to hoof it to the troubador to see architecture in helsinki. much more my speed. as always, they put on a fantastic show. this is one of those bands that sounds even better live than they do on their CDs.



i've decided that my camera simply hates taking photos of moving objects without the flash. does that mean i'll give up trying? probably not.

then thursday night work sent me to the cheetah girls concert. ohboy. there was a huge mixup with the invite list and we were close to bailing before one of the girls' managers came and helped us out.

needless to say, i slept hard last night and am fighting off a burgeoning cold!

oh! but! tuesday night - i went to the inaugural meeting of the rose city knitters, a new pasadena knitting group started through ravelry. the women were wonderful and i'll be attending this one regularly!

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lara said...

hannah montana. Hmm. rings a bell. I am feeling sorry for you.

However, architecture in Helsinki and a new fab knitting group definitely balance things out!