Saturday, December 06, 2008

it's my party

another bella mitten

yep, i'm working on another mitten! but i've been a bit distracted these week.

b-day tulips

as b says, it was birthday week. amongst many other wonderful things, he brought home these beautiful tulips, and they fully opened today. so pretty!

mr b

mr b celebrated by chewing on my yoga mat. i think he was silently protesting the arrival of another bunny in the household:

knit chocolate bunny

a knit chocolate bunny from beigeberry! so adorable!

i celebrated with lots of indian food - first, on my actual birthday with b, and tonight with a friend. we went to little india in artesia - an adventure for us both ($100,000 watches, anyone?) - and she decided to take me to a restaurant that specializes in dosa. as this was my first experience with dosa, i asked her to order for me, and she chose the paper masala dosa.


a requirement for being my friend? a good sense of humor. ;)

(many thanks to cleolinda and the twilight lexicon for the link-backs this week!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Happy Birthday! That sure is a lot of dosa.

Sharon Rose said...

Happy birthday! Your Mr. B is adorable. :)