Tuesday, December 02, 2008


umm, hi everyone. nice to meet you. glad you like the mittens!

i wanted to take this opportunity to mention some other fantastic free twilight-inspired patterns out there for fans who knit or crochet - patterns that inspired me to give those mittens a shot.

Twilight Knits
1. Eclipse Socks, 2. Rosalie Scarf, 3. La Push Hat, 4. Twilight Socks

links above are to the photos. here are links to the patterns:

Julie Miller's Eclipse Socks

A.M. Down's Rosalie Hale Scarf

JennyHat's Bella Swan La Push Hat

Chicken Betty's Twilight Cover Socks



Anonymous said...

Hi there- I came across your site while searching ravelry for Twilight inspired patterns. I love the mittens you have made!

Have you by any chance seen a pattern for the scarf Bella wore in the baseball scene anywhere? I am dying to make it, but I can't seem to find it.

Thanks : )


Marc said...

I'm looking all over for the scarf pattern, too. I found a try at it, but it was just garter stitch and not all the pretty cables!!!