Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it's a good one.


not very grand, i know, but at least i have ryan here to celebrate with me. (thanks, mom, for the awesome balloon!) everyone in the office seems to have their televisions on and i can't believe the networks have superceded soaps for all-day coverage of the inauguration. it's just wonderful. also wonderful?

mrs darcy button

these buttons i found at the button store, my favorite source for buttons in los angeles. the woman who runs the place is fabulous - super helpful, even offering tips about modifying buttonholes post-knit to work with specific buttons. so yes, that means...

mrs darcy complete!

she's done!* although the mrs darcy cardi wasn't the super-easy stockinette sweater i was hoping for, i really love her and recommend this knit to more advanced knitters who've made sweaters in the past. there are a number of errors in the instructions, but the fixes are pretty intuitive, and i found that knitting the body in the round really helped. if i were to knit it again, i'd increase the length of the armscythes and sleeve caps by a couple of rows - the arm holes are a bit snug, but not uncomfortable. also, the yarn (knit picks shine worsted)? super sheddy. but so soft and kinda shiny.

finally - many many thanks to lindsay soll from entertainment weekly for the link-back! i am all a-flutter!:

bella's mittens

*sorry for the bleary-eyed weird-pose wet-hair photo. early AM, first day of the work week and all. also, michelle, hope you don't mind i stole your photo of me.


Anonymous said...

Yay happy day! And your cardi turned out great! Those buttons were a good find. I've been wanting to make a classic cardigan for some time now... not sure I have the attention span (or skill) to get one done. But looking at knits like yours and those on Ravelry is so inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

I think Ryan is looking particularly reverent during the Inauguration.

I'm glad you like the pic, use it as much as you wish!

And can I just say, EW linkage? Squeee!

Meg said...

your sweater is gorgeous! apple green is one of my favorite colors - beautiful job

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous buttons- sweater turned out great.

Ryan looks quite pleased with our country- but someone seems to be missing...

Anonymous said...

holy moley mama. Wicked link back from EW. I am in a state of shock. Great cardigan, and lovely buttons!! nice work, lady!

Mj said...

Wow you made news!


Roses and Jam said...

I love the cardi (along with everything you make!). But i was really wondering if you could email me Bella's mittens pattern and also the armwarmer pattern as i can't seem to bring it up, and i so want to make both of them!
Thankyou so much if you could, my email is roges003@westberks.org.