Sunday, January 11, 2009

a good place to be

i've never been so happy for the weekend in my life. my week was filled with turmoil of all sorts, both work and personal, and i was ready for it to be over on monday night. but i've survived and can only hope that next week will be a bit easier and relatively drama-free. step one on that road is an ankle x-ray tomorrow - blah.

i've been recuperating with a lot of knitting, reading, and bunny petting. it's difficult to be stressed out during a gorgeous weekend in venice!

mrs darcy at the beach

yep, that's the cuff of a sleeve! i've finished the body of my mrs darcy cardi, knit all in one piece up to the arm scythes because i. hate. seaming. (no, the minimalist cardi is still NOT sewn up.) i can do it, but i don't like it. due to my fragile already-stressed state right now, as seamless as possible is the way to go - the sleeves will be knit in the round up to the caps too.

i also went to ikea this weekend and bought mr b his very own pillow; he's been borrowing one from the couch (he likes to sit on it at the foot of the couch and watch tv with us; it also helps him gain foothold and jump up to sit with us). i covered it with a nice soft piece of (washable) fleece velcroed together on the bottom and he's enjoying trying to pull that off!


just because it's been a week, i'm going to post gratuitous pet photos. we all need a little cute sometimes, right?



sleepy sunny kitty

(don't worry, cole's still with us - he just won't pose for me this morning!)

finally, before i sign off, i wanted to thank the lovely folk at craftster and lime & violet for featuring bella's mittens this week!

happy sunday 'yall!


Mama Linda said...

Give all your bunnies and kitty a hug from G'ma........Love you

malaraky said...

love mr b on his new pillow! I hope your ankle is ok, and that this week goes better than last!! xxL

Sayllama said...

I just have to say - your bunnies and cat are so cute! I love that you gave mr.b his own pillow - it made me smile :D

Anonymous said...

Love bunny and kitty pix!

Andrea said...

I just love your cat!