Sunday, May 17, 2009


okay, so here's the report: the pattern i posted about on friday is wallis (rav link), and it's already a pain. mr puffy is right; it's a rowan pattern, from book #38. i knit several garments from this book when i first got back into the whole knit scene in 2005, with no snags at all. this one, well. let's just say i'm knitting the xs and it's asking me to decrease where there are no stitches available to do so. *sigh*

but it's a GOOD weekend because on friday evening i was promoted at work! so i've put down the needles and spent some time outside in the early june gloom with my new camera. one of the things i love about venice is that one minute it looks like this:


and the next like this:


let's see what else i've got for 'ya...





yes, venice is a strange, strange place. i think we fit in well.


don't you?


Mama Linda said...

YOU are just SO cute!Love you and glad you had a nice weekend:)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

AWESOME bunny pic!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

That last photo is priceless!!!!

I love to rent a bike and ride along the boardwalk. It's always a fun time :)

You must have felt that little quake last night. I barely felt it, but enough to know.

Bummer about the tunic. I love that style of sweater. Jamiesons (shetland wool) has a similar windowpane pullover that I've toyed with knitting for years.

Anonymous said...

Oh- that nose! I don't know whether to kiss it, rub it, or feed it cheerios...

The guy in the giant hoop?? I'm thinking he must be suicidal- that's just scary. But the beach- I could be all over that...

Reckless Glue said...

I've also knit Wallis and had the same problems with the chart pattern in the is slightly off. Once you figure out where you *are* within that chart it goes better though. I blew mine up big cuz I found it practically unreadable in the book.

Alisha said...

That guy in the ring....oh my gosh. I would have had to cover my eyes for sear he did the whole penny flopping flat thing.....whatever you call when I penny falls and takes a sec or two to finally lay flat.

The bunny...oh my gosh how sweet.