Saturday, February 14, 2009

close calls

my laptop says it's saturday but honestly, i'm having a difficult time believing 'er. i've had a weird few days. on thursday i ended up in the studio's medical office where the ice pack and electrolytes the sweet nurses gave me didn't do much to relieve the throbbing in my head or help me re-focus my eyes, so off to urgent care i went. three x-rays later, it appears i have inherited my dad's neck problems. i have something called "giraffe neck" or "military neck" and it's messing with my head in a not-so-fun way that involves intense headaches, an inability to focus my eyes, and seeing spots. whee.

since the meds the doctor gave me very much knock me out, i stayed home on friday. it was cold (40, people! this is socal!) and i decided to turn on two space heaters. and shorted a circuit. after i reset the breakers outside, still no electricity in half the house. so i struggled to stay awake for a couple of hours waiting for the DWP folk, who promptly showed me another set of circuit breakers behind the door in my bedroom. whoops.

when it started raining shortly after, i was thrilled. finally, that quiet rainy day i was waiting for. i snuggled up on the couch with my blanket and i'm not there and started dozing when a loud PLOP startled me out of my half-slumber. PLOP, there it was again. PLOP, PLOP. yeah, the front window was leaking.


i "fixed" that problem with some electrical tape, a towel and bowl.

oh yeah, did i mention? b's in chicago.

so my other close call (so far) this weekend? honeycomb.


can you see how much yarn is left on that cone?! i was nearly hyperventilating as i finished up the back. i think i'll have enough for the ribbed edgings but it's going to be tight.

maeve was feeling badly about all my troubles - and the fact that i'm all alone on v-day since i had to cancel the party i was planning to throw (rock band + giraffe neck = likely another trip to the hospital) - so she got me a present.


four skeins of cascade 220 for a second try at snow white. thanks, girl - how perfect!


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a rough week. :( Hope you feel better and enjoy your yummy new yarn!

Anonymous said...

Wow when it rains it really pours. Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

eeeeek. I hope your Vday was not too painful in the end and that the knitting doesn't exacerbate your neck problems! Thinking of you and hoping you make a full recovery. xL

Anonymous said...

So sweet of Maeve- glad she was there to make you feel better.

Meds temporary, or something you will have to get used to? Stuff sends his love and lots of feel better wishes- he says if he were there he would wrap your neck in nice warm mohair.

Mrs Lockhart said...

what a sweet kitty... hope you are feeling better!!

Julia said...

I hope you feel better! But "giraffe neck" sure does sound like an elegant ailment.

Love that gold coloured cascade!

Alisha said...

Hope your neck feels better.

Love your new yarn and your honeycomb....that will be amazing when all done up!

I stumbled across your blog/post for November 29th, I think it was, a few weeks back. Your Bella mitts. Beautiful and I made a pair for my daughter and am thinking I need a pair now. Beautiful pattern, easy to follow. Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

It's been a few days, are you any better? I guess Maeve is pretty cool, for a cat.