Sunday, February 22, 2009

the curse-ed sweater and other various sundries

i'm on my fourth try with this sweater, and i sweartogod, if this version doesn't fit, i'm done. i'm gonna knit the whole thing, and if i can't get in it, or it's too big, it'll be tossed in the mail and sent off to someone else. because it's so cute, but man, the proportions seem weird. it's designed for someone with a far bigger bust than her hips; i am not that person.

cursed sweater

that is the bottom of the "small" size. most designers seem to design with a 32-34 bust in mind for small, and i pretty much always knit that size. uh-uhn, no way on this one. it's more likely to fit as a hat. so i did the required LYS run for an additional skein to go one more size up. last time 'round, with knit picks shine worsted, i was planning to knit the xs. i was crazy.

what this sweater is doing to me

ripping and re-knitting required reinforcements.

but i cheered myself up by going to see coraline in 3D (highly recommend - beautiful! and all hand-made!) and taking silly photos of the latest pair of bella's mittens using my macbook's photobooth, which i just recently discovered. (built-in camera! yay!)

bella's mittens #4

bella's mittens #4

bella's mittens #4

happy sunday!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love those mittens!

(reinforcements are always good) You're right- that is far too cute of a sweater not to have someone wear it. I suggest lots more reinforcements- enough to wipe out any inhibitions- and see what you can do with it. Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

that first picture just says it all. I'm sorry that pattern is giving you so much trouble - it is pretty. I hope you have some luck finding edging yarn for your honeycomb, as well!!

Haely Bop said...

I love the mittens! I also feel your frustrations with your sweater! The bottom of your sweater looks like it would fit a doll of mine from when I was a kid.