Tuesday, February 03, 2009

going green

so i guess i should show you my (lack of) progress on honeycomb:


i'm just shy of half way, i think, since this vest has such a nice scoopy neck - less fabric, less knitting! i'm not complaining - this is a joy to knit especially after i taught myself how to cable without a cable needle. but i'm motivated to finish her now that the lovely stash n burn ladies have dubbed this month vest-uary. yeah, i know - always just ahead of the curve!

there's a lot of green in our house right now.


like fickleknitter, i received an aerogarden for the holidays. over the past week, the herbs i'm growing have exploded!

mr b cleans

the bunnies approve.


tmjackson said...

Thanks for the link to the cable article. I'd never bothered to figure out cables without a cable needle, and was surprised that it seemed so simple. You've inspired me to try!

Michelle said...

I've had basil sandwich after basil sandwich after my garden grew. Yum.

I noticed your pattern crossed 650 the other day, squeeee!!

Anonymous said...

Yay- fresh herbs for the bunnies! (now I'll never hear the end of it from Puff and The Weebit...)

malaraky said...

yummers! I think your vest looks lovely, and the herbs super tasty!

Your Mom said...

I may have to get me one of those gardens:)

Kelly said...

Your vest is going to be gorgeous, love the colour!