Monday, February 16, 2009


so. honeycomb has been aborted. i started knitting the neck edging and about four rows in, it became quite clear - i'm not going to make it. i'm going to run out of yarn and it's one-of-a-kind and there simply isn't any more. i need your advice: should i

1) frog and reknit the XS size of honeycomb
2) go on a mission to find some sort of other complementary yarn for the neck and armbands
3) frog and reknit into a mini clapotis

your opinions greatly appreciated.

in the meantime, i distracted myself with a v-day gift from mr b:


yummy alpaca! i am in love with this yarn - misti alpaca chunky in colorway "monet melange". i know that it appears beige there but - here's a closer look:

bella's mittens - #4

can you see the gorgeous shiny strands of red, blue, and yellow twisted with the beige? when they overlap, they give off the impression of purple, green, and orange in the mix. so soft. so gorgeous.

bella's mittens - #4

and destined for colorado. a good friend requested a pair of bella's mittens, and i wanted to try a substitute yarn. they're blocking now (mmm, the smell of wet alpaca and soak wool wash throughout the house) and looking good, albeit fuzzier than the originals. i expect the cables won't 'pop' as much as they do with the cascade 109, but they'll sure be softer!

the sun's starting to set so it's time to keep warm and snuggle with the bunnies.


p.s. - the headaches have finally subsided for the most part. we'll see how work goes tomorrow.


tmjackson said...

Oh, that's rough. That yarn is so beautiful, though, and you've come so far - I say see if you can't find another yarn for the neck and armbands. But then, being faced with having to frog something substantial always makes me want to throw something, so maybe I'm biased.

Glad you're feeling better, hope it continues!

malaraky said...

I for one need more information. How is the size of the honeycomb you've knit? Is it too big anyway? If it is, and you know you'd wear it if it was smaller, then go for it. It didn't take you long to knit the thing, anyway! If you like the size as it is then I would definitely go looking for something else to edge it in. You would only need one skein to do the edging and you could get something really nice without breaking the bank. I'd go for a contrasting color probably, especially if I couldn't find something in the same sort of tone, only several shades darker. I'm really into a chartreuse and charcoal gray combination - I think that would look fabulous!

Hope today is headache free. xL

Anonymous said...

the alpaca is luscious looking :)

have you ever tried seeing a chiropractor for your headaches? works for me.

cr99ist03in said...

#2! #2! Don't give it up. It will look pretty with different color banding.

Love the new Bella's mittens. That yarn is prosh!

Miss Limerick said...

I always vote for finding a complementary yarn for the trim! it's a shame to waste all that hard work.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Honeycomb calls for a negative ease- so I guess what you do depends on if you had sized for that, how much reknitting would irritate you, or if you could find something that looked really fantastic with it. Not much help, huh?

That alpaca is gorgeous! Want!

Oh so cute bunny!

(hoping for no more headaches)

Lindsey said...

Those mittens are gorgeous! I am a knitting newbie, so reading your blog and looking at your beautiful creations is such an inspiration! (When it isn't terrifying to look at those fancy scary cables you make so perfectly!)
Love the bunnies!

Zoe said...

Love the new Bella's. I have made two pairs now and mentioned you on my blog. I might even get my own ones finished! LOL. A really well written pattern - thank you so much.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Zoe x

Anonymous said...

Find a contrasting trim color. Then cast on for a clapotis anyway, dropping stitches can be so much fun! Mr. B is looking so handsome.