Sunday, September 23, 2007

...and unintended things*

so much for the hoodie

but new things make the bad memories go away

yep, that's really a new project on the progress bar on the right - and lack of progress on valpuri. while i was a good girl and finally ripped out the hoodie (yum, rowan summer tweed!), i didn't get much further than balling it up. i was inspired by everyone's urchin FOs from knitty that i was compelled to knit up a beret of my own. except i desperately needed some cable work; the laura sweater didn't require a whole lot of detail knitting which, being as A-type as i am, i adore. i love ysolda's patterns and had to have this one (bought snow white too - it'll be queued up one of these days)!

i couldn't get a photo of my gretel WIP that's color-correct, so you'll have to trust me that it's awesome. i know most knitters don't love variegated yarn with cabling but this piece is so bohemian i decided it would be a good fit. even with the whole bunch of orange that turned up in the middle of the ball, i haven't been disappointed so far!

*those would be the gretel yarn (was planning to hit the stash) and stitchionary. you go for needles, you come back with more. save me from the LYS!

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Miss Limerick said...

how do i obtain one of those nifty progress bar things to put on my blog? i think it might inspire me to finish projects!