Friday, September 21, 2007

the best intentions

beige, mike, and bryan rock out to lcd soundsystem; mike does most of the rockin'

this is lcd soundsystem. i swear.

i know i promised photos but... while our seats were decent, they weren't close enough for my lil camera to do the trick. the trick being 'focus in the dark on things far, far away'. i'll post videos of the show if they end up on youtube - someone always puts them up on youtube - but for now i'll leave you with this:

(the show was pretty great. lcd soundsystem was totally on - b and i hope to catch them in a smaller venue sometime soon. the arcade fire was having some sound issues; i blame the french horns.)

1 comment:

lara said...

omg mike is totally doing the rockin out! and I love how beige is like 'don't look at me!' with her hand and expression there!