Friday, September 28, 2007

a few of my favorite things


i finally had some time last night to spend on valpuri, which is a bit of a marvel. i've knit up diamond cables before, but never quite with this stitch pattern. you basically do a C4B or C4F rather than keeping up with the purls in the pattern. the extra knit stitches are hidden behind the cabled knit stitches and make the cable knits more 'poofy' and 3D. very cool. let's take a close-up look:


i'd had a tough time of this one at the start because i was trying to follow a new-to-me cable pattern while watching heroes. we are almost done with season 1 (netflix!) and it's so engrossing, it's a bit frustrating to have glance down at a cable chart! so last night, while waiting for b to come home, i decided to download the podcast of last week's this american life and listen to that while knitting (much more successful). b and i had the opportunity to see ira glass in person a few weeks back as part of the USC Arts and Humanities Initiative: Visions and Voices series. he was as fantastic in real-time as he is on the radio. USC had tasked him with speaking about "the arts" specifically, so he came prepared with some really insightful pieces on what to expect upon entering a career in the arts - things like how it can take a long time to become truly GOOD at it (he played a hilarious clip from an interview he gave when he was a budding reporter). he also dissected the show for the audience, illustrating the narrative structure and showing how large a role music plays. it was very cool.

(that is also my favorite knitting bag pictured above with valpuri - from the strand in new york!)

have a great weekend!

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lara said...

that is a great project bag :) I have something of a project bag collection now--I like to have each project in its own little tote... I was at the Strand last December making a list of books to put on my Amazon wish list for Christmas--which my brother then went to the Strand (around the corner from his office at the time) to buy! He said it was easier than ordering them, and I had to laugh!