Thursday, September 20, 2007

thursdays are for frogging

laura on the block!

last night i finally finished laura. this is a sweater i have been knitting up for a coworker, based on an old discontinued GAP sweater that she adores. i am really happy with how it turned out and it is SO soft - blue sky organic cotton, people. it is amazing!

i also spent some time watching heroes and ripping out an ill-fated hoodie. i have GOT to trust my knitterly instincts more; if i think it's going to be too big when i'm knitting it, it's going to be too big. in this case, 'too big' = elephantine. ah well. the yarn is a lovely rose-colored rowan summer tweed and it is going to be repurposed for valpuri, which i hope to start this weekend.

tonight, assuming the rain holds off, is going to be a very good night. photos to come!


Miss Limerick said...

beautiful!!! oh my god, you have to take up crochet. maybe when i'm there i can teach you some. it is so much faster than knitting, at least for me. i think i'd still prefer to do "real" garments in knit becasue of the texture, but crochet is so easy to manipulate and you can bang out quick things... like the bunny slippers i'm doing! which i hope to have done by next week's class, so the class can oooh and ahhh at my genius. i will be on a crochet kick for a while i think. i am rethinking planned knit xmas presents... i can even sneak it under my desk in my lap at work cause it's not as obvious! it's also a great way to blast through some stash. have hook, will travel!

Monique said...

Boy does that look warm! Great job!