Monday, October 15, 2007

and veggie score to boot!

it just keeps getting better!

when i got home tonight i found a box on our front porch. it was filled with this:


yumm, organic produce from paradise o. we decided to give this home delivery company a try because we were not eating enough fruits and veggies and it was making me sad. i immediately cooked up some of the spinach with a little olive oil and crushed red pepper to go with my brown rice and bharta (cost plus world market style!). the spinach was amazingly fresh and just delish. so was this:


TJ's tiramisu ice cream with cinnamon-cooked bosc pears. i kind of made that one up after reading a couple of recipes. it involved spiced cider, white and brown sugar, red wine, and of course cinnamon and pears!

time to wind down. 'night!

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lara said...

yum yum YUM!