Wednesday, October 31, 2007

it's the most wonderful time of the year

i love autumn. i woke up this morning and actually needed my slippers. my car was covered in cold dew. and i can wear those very neglected sweaters!


24 more hours of blocking and valpuri's good to go. i'm definitely taking her for an inaugural outing tomorrow. can't wait!

unfortunately, this week's knitting has been less productive than usual. i'm trying to work a herringbone eyelet lace pattern with 4-ply worsted weight yarn and, well, the stitch and the yarn just aren't getting along. this is the net result of two nights' work:


sad, sad lil swatch. i've tried different needle types and sizes, thought i finally was ready to go, and then every time i cast on something would go wrong. i think i recast at least five times last night. so now i face a decision: different yarn or different stitch pattern? i'm leaning towards different yarn - something lighter and with a tighter ply, if any at all. this yarn is the lovely knitpicks andean silk which is so nice and soft and squishy, so i'll probably knit up a marsan watchcap with it instead - something simple i can embellish and personalize.

by the way, have you seen the new kim hargreaves pattern book yet, heartfelt? i think i'm in love.

(a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lil sister, and halloween post to come!)


lara said...

oh, sad! I hope you can reconcile your yarn to a new pattern and a new yarn to the pattern you were trying to work out!! it can be frustrating when a yarn and pattern don't make friends...

LizKnits said...

Your sweater looks terrific ... I may add this pattern to my list. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Michelle said...

The sweater looks brilliant!