Monday, October 08, 2007

a whole lot goin' on

as i suspected (oh, i know myself far too well), i spent a good chunk of time on saturday playing around on ravelry. but first i had to photograph all of my older knits.

::loop-d-loop ballet t::
::cable scarf::
rowan 38 eowyn arm warmers::
loop-d-loop hooded capelet::

these are some of my favorite pieces. teva durham's loop-d-loop book is absolutely beautiful. so many of the designs are simple, intuitive, and fun to knit!

just because i was busy pretending to be a photographer doesn't mean i didn't get some work done on valpuri:


the back is finished! i've cast on and am about 15 rows into the front. look at me all being a one-track, blinders-on knitter! when did that happen?

while i'm at it, here's one of my favorite spaces in our house (where i photographed valpuri - it gets the most natural light):


it's so colorful and full of wonderful books and plants. makes me happy!

look, mom, i can keep some plants alive!


Queen of the froggers said...

I love that room with the books! Thank you for commenting x

lara said...

Valpuri is so pretty! CK thinks it is lovely. Keeping an African Violet alive is a pretty good achievement, methinks! And I love the look of the light airy book filled space :)