Monday, October 15, 2007

yarn score!

i kind of can't believe this: i had completely forgotten that a pal owed me, and we found ourselves at unwind yesterday. all of a sudden she suggests she pays me back in yarn! SCORE! i am now the proud owner of this:



oh yeah, that's six skeins of berroco ultra alpaca light and seven of misti alpaca worsted. oh, they're both gorgeous. the misti alpaca is 100% baby alpaca and just unbelievably soft. i can't wait to work with them! i have a cute, form-fitting cardi planned in my head for the berroco and plan to spend some time with my vogue stitchionary soon!

valpuri's doing well - i'm just about to split for the neck on the front. maybe i'll actually finish this weekend? i don't want to jinx myself!

now let's all go take a nap with maeve and as always, KNIT ON!


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