Monday, October 01, 2007

1850 more to go!

that's right, folk. only 1850 people ahead of me in the waitlist for ravelry. that means i should get my invitation in four days. FOUR DAYS, PEOPLE! oh, after all this waiting... and by the end of the week to be up and running? please, everyone, excuse me if i disappear from all known subliminalrabbit activity while i get my first fill!

in other knitting news, i am continuing to work away on valpuri. i have two knit nights coming up - tuesday craft night with beige and hopefully the burbank SnB on wednesday - so i'm hoping to be done with the back panel this week! ahh, if only i had more time to knit.

also, i've uploaded the pattern for the laura sweater. right now it's only available in a size 34" bust but i've promised to do the maths for a size 38" soon.

honestly i didn't get a whole lot of knitting done this weekend because we had big! events! on saturday b and i trekked down to the beverly hills public library (not part of the los angeles public library system) for a george saunders reading. with the price of admission we each received a copy of his new book of collected nonfiction/essays, the braindead megaphone. i love his fiction so immediately started reading while we waited for the event to start. this man is just brilliant. in fact, he's a certified genius! first up saunders read from his new book. then he brought up miranda july to read one of his short stories. that was less fun; she tried to hold the microphone while turning the pages of the book. and read bits in a really odd voice. overall clunky and completely unprepared.

but better than what was to come - some silly radio interview. the host asked so many leading questions - too many about saunder's mcarthur prize - and it just wasn't the intimate Q&A forum we had expected. ah well. saunders answered all of the radio host's questions beautifully, at least.

and last but not least, here are some photos from sunday's outing at the la county fair!:

yumm! and stuff!

these bulls have big horns

have a lovely day, all!


Elizabeth said...

I randomly linked here from some other knitting blog.

Ravelry is addicting...let me put it this way - when I first set it up, I was living in Russia and using precious internet cafe time and I still managed to use it several times a week ;-)

Miss Limerick said...

I'm so excited about Ravelry!! I think I'm ahead of you, but last time i checked I was like 2000... I'm sad to miss the fair with you guys. The NC State fair starts next week, but I don't think I'll be able to go... maybe one weeknight...

Miss Limerick said...

OMG! I'm at number 800 for ravelry!!!

Michelle said...

That is one mightily large bull! I haven't made my way to the LA Fair, but I'm glad to see the giant Pandas in attendance.