Monday, October 29, 2007

this hour brought to you by...

it felt like a nice, long weekend for once - probably because we spent friday night out rather than in the house slow-cooking in front of the tv as usual. so a very happy b-day shout-out to blake who provided our friday night festivities. late-late we checked out the griffin which was incredibly hipster-ish in ambiance and music but not in patronage, which appeared to be the usual hollywood set. and it was loud. maybe on a thursday night i could handle it.

saturday saw knitting, knitting, and more knitting. and also a trip to the local laemmle for lars and the real girl. loved it! it's an absolutely sweet story about a twentysomething struggling to deal with his mom's death in childbirth (his) when his sister-in-law becomes pregnant - and a small town's willingness to help him no matter how bizarre the process might be.

while we were burning some time before the movie started, bryan bought me this book:


it is wonderful! edited by dave eggers and with an introduction by sufjan stevens, all proceeds go to 826. i highly recommend it!

and, so yes, i finally finished valpuri! now, i am a decent seamstress when it comes to knits, but man this was a tough one. the rowan summer tweed had serious self-loathing issues: it kept snagging on itself, often breaking. i had SO MANY joins in the seams it's ridiculous. ah well. she's now wet-blocking on the counter until she's dry enough for the dress form.


no one seems to have told my computer that daylight savings time was pushed back a week. oops.


Miss Limerick said...

very pretty!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that will fit me:(.But it's beautiful!
Love you

lara said...

Beautiful job! I wish I was so confident with my seaming...I'm working on that!!