Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the libertine

i'm still running off of last night's high - the best live show i've been to in a very, very long time.




i'm not really sure how to explain patrick wolf (and my photos do him no justice). for one, the boy is only 23. and he is unbelievably talented. i was utterly in awe of him when i first discovered his latest album, the magic position. when i read that he was giving up live performance, i was really upset because this was one guy i wanted to see. badly. well, he must have something of a tumultuous (or fickle?) soul, because shortly after, he announced a US tour. and he played the el ray last night in good 'ole downtown los angeles.

the performance was amazing. i thought his albums had tremendous energy - but they're nothing to his live show. he somehow seemed to keep eye contact with everyone in the room. his outfits were fantastic. and the crowd was so into him. no half-paying-attention chatting with neighbors. just dancing, dancing, dancing and singing.

if and when he comes back? i'm there.

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lara said...

wicked video!