Saturday, March 28, 2009

sorta kinda almost

snow white

in the pattern instructions, ysolda forewarns us: because of the ribbing, this sucker will look like three long, skinny tubes. because of all the sizing issues i've had with the sweater, i've been trying 'er on as i go. and now that i've attached the three tubes? i have faith. we're getting there.

the construction of this sweater is incredibly unique, and the shaping is pretty brilliant. i ADORE those garter rib cuffs. if i were to knit this again, i wouldn't have the single plain rib at the palm, but it doesn't bother me much. that said, my M1Ps leave something to be desired - like, proper tension. i've learned to sort of even things out as i go so i don't get too upset by the wonkiness; if anyone has a favorite technique for M1P that doesn't require a lot of fussing, drop me a line in the comments?

the week's been crazy but this little gem popped up to brighten things a bit, so i thought i'd share. beautiful.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the hazards of love

a nice saturday

knitting and twilight; now if only our little guy would feel better and stop with the sneezing, this would be a perfect saturday!

Monday, March 16, 2009


so many of you emailed or called to ask where i've been and if mr b's okay; i feel like such a lucky lady! well, i've been hiking in colorado and mr b is much the same.

the former:

colorado hiking

colorado hiking

colorado hiking

colorado hiking

colorado hiking

colorado hiking

colorado hiking

it's been a long time since i've taken a long weekend. b and i stayed with friends in colorado springs, and it was so nice - just a two-hour flight, so we got the most out of our three days. we spent most of our time in the mountains or in pubs. colorado springs was beautiful - desert graduated into mountains, red rock into snow - all within just a few miles.

kids again!


we also found some amazing stuff in manitou! (that's our friend/host bonnie, modeling.)

and as to the latter: i took mr b to get an iron shot today. we'll go back a couple of times a week and then he'll get another blood test. he's very anemic along with all the sneezing. send healing vibes our way?

Saturday, March 07, 2009


when life gives you lemons...


buy yourself flowers and knit!

just a quick peek at a new design i'm working up in misti alpaca worsted, which i find to be rather sport-ish for a worsted weight yarn. in order to get good lace stitch definition, i'm knitting with #4s! but it sure is soft...

for those who've asked - mr b isn't really doing much better. in fact, he had a rough night last night and we're off to the vet again tomorrow! things just don't seem to want to get easier right now, so here are some photos of things that make me happy, in close-up.


silly bunnies

little b just loves the camera!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

the kindness of strangers

last night i left work on time (6PM, oh how i see you come, and then go) to drive out to the tiki ti. after scanning the list of 20+ rum drinks, i settled down at one of the few tables with my ray's special to await the imminent arrival of...

fellow raveler IrishF!

a small, relatively uncrowded bar, authentic tiki drinks, a fellow knitter and twilight fan and her husband - what a nice wednesday evening!

ravelers unite!

yes, that is a bloody mary you see in my hand. i was reluctant to try it - breakfast drink as a cocktail? - but was convinced by the detroit ex-pat at the table next to us, who fawned over hers like there was nothing better. and know what? best damn bloody mary ever.

the internet can be a strange place; you never quite know who you're going to come across and what they're really like. i can say unequivocally that IrishF did not disappoint! a lady who can hold her liquor, teaches yoga, and knits? i'm in.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

take your medicine

mr b had to go to the vet today.


he has a bunny cold or some-such other nasty thing that's making him sneezy. we're trying antibiotics first, especially since he was such a little squirm and the vet techs couldn't keep him still to draw blood.


although the waits are longer and the bills are higher on the more expensive side of town, they do put televisions in all the exam rooms with remotes and notes telling you to tune in to whatever you please!

(new twist collective is out!)