Sunday, November 22, 2009

and the winners are...

guys, your photos are so awesome - i seriously had a difficult time making a decision. but i had to, and so, without further ado - here are the winners!

"the lion fell in love with the lamb"/authentic - melissa of blog_mbphotos!


seriously, how could i not choose this photo? it's like a kid version of the marketing campaign! the lighting is gorgeous and i can't believe she got her children to pose for the shot. i also love the mini-mitten mod. beautiful photo, don't you agree?

"you don't belong in my world, bella"/original - nancy fry / adnilamyrf

"Be Safer"  Twilight inspired Bella Mittens

this photo was actually one of the first posted and it just cracks me up! great use of props to create an atmosphere, and just, well, smart and funny! and as a bonus - nancy's also designed a pattern for allice cullen fingerless mittens inspired by wardrobe in new moon - check out the ravelry link!

ladies, i've contacted you via flickr! please send your mailing addresses to me at info[at]subliminalrabbit[dot]com!

there were so many fantastic photos, i wanted to share with you a few more of my favorites -

generally gorgeous photos from the yarniad and mr puffy:

Bella's Mittens by Marielle Henault

Bella's Mittens ~ at Twilight

and brilliant photos of mittens holding various smart and hilarious things:

Bella's Mittens
jesse strauch

Arizona to Washington...

Bella Mitts
knitted tales

Bella mitts 4
manda da pandaaa

Bella's Lullaby



thanks again to everyone who participated! this was so much fun for me!

so... 'yall went to the movies this weekend, right?

new moon!

new moon!

we got the work posse together - this has become an annual "team building" exercise. one of the gals even brought these brilliant cupcakes from big sugar bake shop:

new moon!

what did i think of the movie? let's just say...

new moon!

i am now firmly team jacob.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


new moon!

the contest is now closed. i am absolutely thrilled with the response and can't wait to sit down and spend some quality time going through all the entries. in the meanwhile, take a look!

(happy new moon!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the final countdown...

last night i came home to a very happy surprise in the mail!


a few months ago, kate at crafts beautiful magazine contacted me about bella's mittens; she had knit a pair and wanted to write a little article about them in the magazine. of course i said yes and then promptly forgot about it! what a wonderful surprise. it's a UK magazine and it's stuffed with tons of great craft ideas that i can't wait to try out!

since we're in the final countdown to new moon (do you have your new moon tickets yet?), i thought i'd share these bella's mittens-inspired patterns that have popped up around the internet! because really, what're mittens without a matching hat and scarf? so without further ado:

1. bella's hat by hollye knits. this was designed back in january and it's super-cute! i love the ginormity of the horseshoe cable.

2. bella's cable scarf by bamboo needles & ink stains. it looks so classic - this could go with anything!

3. and last but not least... a french translation of bella's mittens at knit spirit (there is also a swedish translation coming soon!). how cool is that?!

someone asked in the comments when exactly the photo contest closes - it's this friday at 11:59pm. i love seeing all your fun photos and can't wait to go through them meticulously this weekend! happy knitting everyone!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

and now for something completely different

bella's mittens - prizes!

ta-da! we have prizes for the bella's mittens contest!

in no particular order...
-2 skeins of misti alpaca lace weight (enough for a good-sized shawl each)
-3 skeins rowan summer tweed
-2 skeins lana grossa point
-2 skeins artful yarns candy
-1 skein suss yarn twisted
-10 (!) skeins noro big bebe
-twilight movie guide (big book - lots of pretty pictures!)
-new moon soundtrack

i haven't decided how i'll split up the bounty between the two winners, but there you go. lots of good stuff, so submit your photos!.

on another fibery note, (look at all this actual knitting content!) on sunday i decided to skip town and head on down to this:

torrance fiber festival

lots of yummy fiber...

torrance fiber festival

torrance fiber festival

and i even found michelle amongst all the yarn, spinning away!

torrance fiber festival

i was a good girl; i didn't buy anything, but it was nice to pet everything (you know you do it too) and catch up with fellow knitters!

finally - thanks, everyone, for the kind words earlier in the week. we're headed back to the vet tomorrow because cole's not really getting any better. send us those good vibes, please!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

didn't quite get there

oh man, what a week. what a week and what a weekend. a not-over weekend.

i didn't finish my costume. we didn't make it out to the halloween party. cole-bunny got sick again - scary sick. we ended up at the vet's just before they closed and again at the emergency hospital late last night. he is feeling a bit better now but we're very concerned that he's been so ill three times in the past two weeks, so he's having some tests done and we should get the results later today. think good thoughts for us, okay?

cole bunny

but i did manage to get both ears knit and stuffed, and one ear on. i guess i could have been a sheep after all:

where the wild things are - wip

but that's not quite the look i was going for...

where the wild things are - wip

ah, that's more like it! maybe i'll get the other one on today. no promises though!

i was so behind on the knitting when cole got sick because i got some horrible news earlier in the week that sort of stopped me in my tracks for a few days: i lost a childhood friend to cancer. jess and i were best friends in middle school, at a difficult point in both our lives. we were very, very different - i was shy, studious, a bit of an introvert; jess was spunky and crazy and fun. she basically lived at my house for those few years - and then i moved and we lost touch for a decade, finally connecting again a couple of years ago. she was happy, with two beautiful children and a loving husband, and lucky to call portugal home for a time. her high spirits and optimism through everything was inspiring. when i heard the news from her mom i was, frankly, surprised at how thoroughly upset i felt - we hadn't been close for a long, long time. but that's just a testament to how special this girl was. jess, we'll never forget you.


b and i have lost too many people to cancer this year and i know this is not happening to just us; it seems like everyone we know has lost someone recently. so if you can spare it, would you consider donating to the american cancer society?