Sunday, September 28, 2008

it's been awhile

i've had a couple of really long, difficult weeks. not hugely, disastrously difficult. just steadily hard and frustrating. and last weekend so many little bad things kept happening, i decided to take the weekend off from blogging. this weekend's better except for the first-degree burn i gave myself on my face last night. yeah, i'm special.

so i've been knitting a bit.

minimalist cardi

last weekend i tried to take a break from the minimalist cardigan and start a new project since my KAL-buddy, malaraky, recently moved and started a whole new chapter in her life which is keeping her very busy. that was one of my mistakes last weekend - attempting to split my attention and start a new project. all gauge swatches were just plain bad. i also managed to finish sewing the zipper in my olive branch yoga hoodie - and then realized that it's the wrong type of zipper - a pants zipper - and i can't unzip the hoodie. gahhh! so i apologize, malaraky - i need to knit on this sweater!

this weekend's also been made a bit better because of this:

sweet friend

i love surprise packages! this one's from k, a sort of surrogate sister of mine. my high school had a boarding program, and kids from all over the world ended up in our classes. k was one of them. she actually became part of my family when i was in college; my parents being the cool people they are would intermittently host a boarding student or two during holidays if the kids were unable to go home. my parents and sister loved k so much that she started spending every holiday with them when she couldn't go back to south korea - which tended to be the same time i was home from uni. k's since graduated from an undergrad program, entered the work force, and is now pursuing an advanced degree here in the states. and somehow she timed this package so that it would show up in california the day she'd arrive at my parents' to visit for a couple of days. which means i'm off to call them in a moment and thank her!

this weekend's also better because we finally bought a comfy armchair.

maeve's new chair

which maeve has claimed as her own.

and next weekend will be even better. i'll be in florida visiting my sister with my mum, and i can't imagine a better weekend trip than one spent with my favorite girls.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

yep, i have a problem

uh oh

book coma

i should have known better; i should have known i'd be in trouble. malarky was the first to suggest it when i visited her over the summer. then my female coworkers all started buzzing around the halls chatting about it. so i had to give it a try. boy, am i really in trouble.

good morning!

it all started innocently enough: a little breakfast, a little light reading... five hours and five hundred pages later i ran off to the bookstore. i needed more.


i spent most of the day today on the beach reading #2. one thousand pages in all, folks. so far.

good thing i can knit while reading!

february baby sweater - complete!

the february baby sweater is done, and i think adorable - and the baby shower's in two weeks so i finished early! i can't wait to give this to my friend. it was a really fun and easy knit. love that EZ!

marsan watchcap #3

i also finished a second hat for our friends who moved to colorado. i love the marsan watchcap pattern - this is the third i've knit - and the lorna's laces superwash is amazingly squishy and soft for 100% wool. highly recommend.

now i'm off to swatch for a minimalist cardi mini-KAL with malarky. i think i need to hold off on the third massive novel in this series or else i'm going to be restless at work tomorrow when i have to focus on, well, work! do i have the self-control?

Monday, September 01, 2008

ez streak

i've been on an ez streak, and now i know why so many love the pithy lady: she's brilliant! exhibit A:

february baby sweater blocking

the february baby sweater blocking. knit on straights and all in one piece, with just a couple of short sleeve seams to finish 'er up. brilliant, i tell you! and too cute! b and i went to the button store in beverly (yes, it's really called that, and yes, it's awesome) where i picked up some shiny pink buttons. i can't wait until the sweater's dry and i can give it to my friend!

on to exhibit B:

ganomy hat

this is called the ganomy hat (both patterns are from ez's knitter's almanac) and, just like everyone says, it really is gnome-tastic! another couple of friends are bailing on us - i.e., leaving los angeles before we do - and heading to colorado. so i'm knitting them nice, warm hats with ear flaps. this one's in debbie bliss alpaca silk from my stash and it is so soft. i have enough left to make another for me! here it is on my head model:

ganomy hat

i decreased faster for a shorter point on the top and added a tassel like i'd seen in some other versions on ravelry. again the construction is brilliant (mitres, people!). love love love it!

today i'm hoping to cast on for yet a third ez project. stay tuned and i'll leave you with your weekly shot of my backyard. seems sunday was sailing day, and it was nice and overcast, just the way i like it.

sundays are for sailing (apparently)