Saturday, April 25, 2009

well well well



both little b and cole are pretty comfortable hanging out in the living room - on their 'red carpet' - after a week. could cole look more sacked?


and this explains why i'm running out of minutes!

okay, okay. i'm obviously in a good mood - i'm finally having that nice, relaxing, knitting weekend. (last weekend? got a little out of control.)


the viennese shrug is super-fun to knit - intricate lace that's not quite so complicated that i can't watch a movie whilst knitting. speaking of "whilst", i'm practicing my british grammar for june. b and i are spending two and a half weeks in london, wales, maybe bath, and santorini (greece!). all of our plane tickets are booked and it's starting to feel real. we can't wait!

dinner with friends and a b-day party tonight, and hopefully more knitting to show tomorrow. happy saturday everyone!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

count on it

i just want to say thank you, all, for the kind words you left on mr b's passing. i can't tell you what a comfort it is to me and bryan; we are still struggling a bit here and trying to take it one day at a time. he was the light of our lives and his absence is still so prominent.

my parents were here visiting for the week and created a nice distraction. i also stayed home on friday and did a bit of knitting -


finally finished these up, which had been sitting in my WIP bag while i worked on snow white. i did a bit of pattern editing along the way and hope to have something posted soon.


i also started lisa daehlin's viennese shrug from the summer 2005 IK. jessica from fig and plum linked out to some beautiful photos of the back and i just fell in love. and honestly, lace knitting is what i need right now - something that requires serious concentration to keep my mind busy busy. i've only knit up an inch or so (in cotton fleece), but so far i'm loving it.

in the meantime, b and i have been trying to keep our spirits up. we booked a trip to europe in june - more on that soon - and have been working to socialize the other two bunnies into our lives.


as you can see, we rolled out the red carpet! both little b and cole have been reluctant to venture out of their cage, and b had the great idea of enticing them with an old yoga mat. it's worked wonders, and we're trying to spend some time every day sitting on the mat with them so they become more used to us. it's going to take time - they are both very skittish rabbits - but i'm confident that we can make this work.

oh, also! ! during the week we hit the 1000 bella's mittens mark on ravelry! you guys are awesome - i knew that there was a huge desire for these mittens, but honestly, i had no idea. 1000 mittens in four and a half months? you guys rock.

off to knit!

Friday, April 10, 2009



last night our little darling left us. although he was an elderbun, we definitely weren't ready for it. he was so full of spunk and love and we miss him terribly already. we were with him to the end and i hope he knew how much we loved him.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

sunday in the city*

well, it's been 80 degrees and sunny all weekend, so snow white hasn't been taken for her inaugural outing.

snow white

snow white

but i do love her so, and it's going to turn cool and rainy this week! i think she's appropriate for the office... ?

all this sun means lots of outside time. it's kite weather:

sunday in the city - 4/4/09

sunday in the city - 4/4/09

and gardening weather:

sunday in the city - 4/4/09

sunday in the city - 4/4/09

sunday in the city - 4/4/09

ah, if only i had my own plot in the city garden! time to tackle my taxes and knit - happy sunday!

*lovingly borrowed.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

looking up

snow white

well, i wasn't intending to do that NaKniSweMo* thing but - just under the gun i've finished three sweaters in the first three months of the year! okay, yes, one of the sweaters - my minimalist cardi - was mostly knit in 2008 and just seamed in 2009, but who's keeping tabs?

mr b

and i'm thrilled to report that mr b is doing FABULOUSLY, and it makes me so happy to see him spry again.** the vet's called his iron and b12 shots a success - his red blood cell count is way up, in the clear. he's still sneezing, but over the weekend we switched the baytril for another antibiotic (i can never remember the name) as well as keeping him on the dual pen injections, and in 24 hours he just perked right up - all sparkly-eyed and mischevious again! oh happy week!

*actually, i think that's the name for the month where you knit a sweater with 50K stitches or something? and the one sweater a month thing is called something else? help?

**except that he kept us up all night again with his exuberant chewing of new yorker magazines under our bed - i swear i found them all and moved them but every night he unearths another!