Thursday, August 27, 2009


i have some incredibly talented friends, and when they're recognized for their general or specific amazingness, it just makes me feel good about the world - which, in this day and age, happens less and less frequently.

one of these friends was recently interviewed on krcc, the national public radio station in southern colorado where she lives. if you've been here with me for a while, you've met bonnie nadzam before. bonnie is an amazing writer and recently finished her first novel, LAMB. you can hear the first chapter at krcc's website and i promise, you will not be disappointed. it's truly a work of art and this gal - she's got it. she's going to be a thing. a big thing.

it's not easy for a young author to get a break these days, with so many publishers shutting their doors. if you listen and like (and i promise, you will!), would you consider supporting an artist and leave a comment on krcc's site?


bonus knitting content: she's wearing an EZ hat i knit in her author photo!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

all creatures great and small

i read a lot of james herriot this summer. he seemed to nestle easily into my themes of the past few months - our trip to the UK; so much time spent at the vet with little b; injections and medications and force-feeding. so when bryan asked if i'd be interested in attending the santa monica cat show - well. the week had been so hellish what with little's surgery and an upcoming move (more on that later), i needed to see some friends and cats.

the first thing you should know about the santa monica cat show? it was tiki themed:

Santa Monica Cat Show - Tiki Time!

also? peeps are REALLY into their cats.

Santa Monica Cat Show - Tiki Time!

Santa Monica Cat Show - Tiki Time!

Santa Monica Cat Show - Tiki Time!

Santa Monica Cat Show - Tiki Time!

as the five of us stood there among the throng of cat-lovers, we asked ourselves - how do you judge a cat?

-by its length?
Santa Monica Cat Show - Tiki Time!

-by its reflexes and agility?
Santa Monica Cat Show - Tiki Time!

-by the smooshiness of its face?
Santa Monica Cat Show - Tiki Time!

no. in casa subliminalrabbit, we select for that special something - that elusive "cuteness factor" - that makes you want to snorgle your nose into a furry tummy. because as pretty as this my-little-pony-of-a-cat might be -

Santa Monica Cat Show - Tiki Time!

he ain't got nothin' on this -

maeve gets comfy

p.s. - little b is recuperating. her surgery was long and tough and we don't know yet if it was successful. in the meantime, keep sending us those good thoughts our way and maybe her fur needn't be shaved yet again.

post-surgical bun

Saturday, August 15, 2009

seriously, people.

so i still can't show you the knitting, but i can show you something very special.


a grown woman in a peter pan costume at the jonas brothers concert. no idea. okay, if you have 8-16 year old girls in your family go get them now please:

JB Concert

that's enough of that. although - wait. okay. this show had the most awesome visual effect i've ever ever seen - a cylindrical wall of water drops that, as they fell, formed really detailed shapes. like hearts. and jonas brothers logos. anyway.

i've been pretty MIA this week because little bunny is sick - really sick this time, and most of the good bunny vets are all at an exotics conference. she has surgery scheduled (again) for monday. the long wait means she can't eat much on her own (except after her daily dose of metacam - pain meds, i love you!), has pulled most of the fur out of her dewlap trying to get it clean, and i've had to chase her about to force feed her. so mainly i've been looking at this:


also this week?


maeve ate my earphones and a tube of my antibiotic burn cream. out of my purse. on separate occasions. *sigh*

Saturday, August 08, 2009

more & other various things

let's take a look at what i've not been knitting, shall we?

featherweight cardi

why, it's a featherweight cardi designed by hannah fettig. i'm using two skeins of ella rae lace merino that i picked up during unwind's anniversary/ravelry party - and it feels so good to be using stash. but alas, she's been put aside for various reasons:


work. i have been going to work really really early. this is the sunrise - almost pretty enough to take the edge off a laptop-won't-boot-for-two-hours-and-i-have-to-present-to-the-president-at-9am kind of morning. almost.


uhhh... yeah. i finally gave in and picked up an iphone this week. i held out until apple released a model that had comparable storage to my ipod - now i only have to carry one device around with me! it also takes decent photos and videos, whee!

making ringtones

itunes. i am addicted to making my own ringtones via itunes. itunes is brilliant!

festival of chariots

buddhism. kicked off sunday by the hare krishna "festival of chariots" on the boardwalk. free yummy vegetarian indian food - i'm there! later in the week b and i went to our friend's jukai, a kind of ordination into zen buddhism. the ceremony was small and beautiful and i'm so glad i had the opportunity to witness it.

super secret knitting project taking up any other spare time.

some folk request my latke recipe and i'll try and post that tomorrow - because now i have to get ready to see the jonas brothers. live! in concert! (ah, what a life i lead.)

peace out!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

late to the party

i know - it's been a while! but i have a really, really good excuse. if you're squeamish or easily grossed-out, click away NOW.


i'm warning you...

okay, here it is:


right, maybe that was a little melodramatic.

i've been cooking and baking a lot lately - at least, during these long summer weekends when i can really take stock of whatever produce's sitting around the house slowly going soft. (we are normally a "oh it's 8 o'clock so just throw something quick in the oven" kind of couple.)

digestive biscuits with vanilla bean quark and hot fruit compote

forget sugary jam; fresh, hot fruit compote is so much better. here with digestive biscuits and vanilla bean quark, which got all melty and gooey with the warm fruit on top. yumm!

veggie latkes & pistachio basil cornbread

mixed veggie latkes (potato, zucchini, and carrots) and pistachio-basil cornbread (i dunno, it worked!). the cornbread is what got me... it was safe and unassuming until i stuck a couple of slices in the oven with spiced black beans, heirloom tomatoes, and cheese on top... when it turned into the dish of doom! attempting to be a good recycling citizen, i stuck the bean can under the tap and whoops! sliced up my thumb. i went to the bathroom to bandage it up, came back to check on the dish, and then kind of fell onto the side of the open oven. man! but i'm a slave to supper and after applying antibiotic ointment and a bandage, i plated it, sliced up an avocado, and tucked in!

you might wonder where the knitting went. am i avoiding it on purpose? well, for about a week my arm was pretty stingy and i basically avoided unnecessary arm flexing activity. and now i can't tell you what i'm knitting because it is a surprise! shhh if you know - no spoilers in the comments. my other projects have been put aside as i speed-knit my way through this one (addi turbos purchased for the purpose). one clue and no guessing:


p.s. - cascade 109 is on sale at webs. they're out of the original pewter colorway but still have a lot of lovely colors at a great price, if you're looking to knit up a pair of bella's mittens!