Friday, December 30, 2011

c'est la vie 2011!

i'm not gonna to lie - it was a crazy year here at casa subliminalrabbit - noted by my absence from the internet! but it was all worth it...



...because i'm now legally entwined to my best friend and love of my life. (this is the part where you all go "aww!")

i figured i'd wrap up 2011 with a long-overdue post about the wedding!

bryan and i approached the whole thing a little differently, i think, than most. we're not particularly sentimental folk, but we do like a party. so why not throw a huge party and invite all of our friends and family to celebrate the moment with us?

we asked our sisters to perform the ceremony...


the ceremony

... and then got right to the party part!

we had a diorama station...

party on!

... and balloon animals.


party on!

a photo booth...

party on!

party on!

party on!

... and of course wonderful time spent with those we love most!

the ceremony

party on!

i tried not to get too crazy with the planning and prep. we did hire an invitation designer, whose beautiful work we ended up using for all of our signage as well, and a couple of amazing coordinators to help out with the last hurrah. i made two special pieces for the ceremony, but that was pretty much it -



all in all it was an amazing experience, and totally worth the dough. when else do you get to have everyone who loves you in one place, all there for you?


so good-bye 2011, and here's to an amazing 2012!

(more photos here for anyone really interested.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

why hello!

I really do realize that I've been awfully neglectful. Life is just off and running and it's all I can do sometimes to keep up. Six months have passed, and I still haven't written about the wedding or honeymoon. Would you guys be interested in a little trip down (recent) memory lane with me?

In the meantime, there has been knitting. Remember this?


it's now this:


someone asked me the other day if i got it at anthropologie. bless her.

oh, and remember that lovely lorna's laces I dyed at vogue knitting live?



i decided I needed a winter headband for our holiday in ohio next weekend, and played around with my hand-dyed yarn and some scraps left over from a sweater. speaking of which...



say hello to bedford! knit up in luscious drops nepal (my first experience with drops yarn - and i'm in love!), bedford is a comfy, oversized raglan pullover designed by michelle wang as part of a collection to support jared flood's new yarn line, shelter. beigeberry called my and malaraky's attention to the collection, and we decided it was time for another knit-along. i added a couple of inches to the length, but otherwise knit as directed. this sweater is so cozy, i know i'll be wearing it all winter.

and baby, it's cold out there - even here in socal!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

bella's mittens - downloading

just popping in to answer a few questions about downloading bella's mittens that have popped up lately in the comments here and on ravelry.

yes, the link still works.

i've tested it on multiple computers. my guess is that a few of you nice folk might be using (*shudder*) internet explorer which might require you to do something funky because it's created by microsoft and therefore not intuitive. (*ducking as microsoft die-hards throw things at me.*) please do yourself a favor and go download firefox.* you can thank me later.

now just click on the link on the sidebar. or here. it should automatically download.

if you're still having difficulties, please feel free to email me at info[at]subliminalrabbit[dot]com. i'm happy to email you the pattern when i have a moment.

happy knitting!

bella's mittens

*so apparently there are some issues for you google chrome users too! apologies - not sure why it's not reading the code...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

zig zag

our household might be mildly obsessed with chevrons at the moment...




what inspires you?

Monday, September 26, 2011

vk live

i learned...


two color knitting with both strands in one hand from the genius meg swansen -


- and yarn dyeing from the incomparable beth casey.

i saw crazy wonderful displays -



- and some excellent yarn bombing.


i may or may not have bought enough creamy wool alpaca for a jared flood knit-along with beigeberry and malaraky.

next year? yes, please!

Monday, September 19, 2011

starting over

as abby has so cleverly deducted from my flickr uploads, we've moved!




we're slowly pulling the new place together, and i have to say i'm in love. it's so good to come home here. we've moved less than a mile, but my new commute starts and ends with a beautiful view of the ocean - which we can see from several of our windows. and so much light! just heaven.



my homework for vogue knitting live next weekend - this, for a color knitting class with meg swansen and amy detjen. plus a dyeing class with beth casey, owner of lorna's laces! i can't wait!

see you there?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

the edge of something

some time mid-week it dawned on me why i was feeling so awfully sad. it's amazing that we can carry things so viscerally - things that happened to us so long ago.




i was in new york city. my sister was in washington dc. it was by far the most terrifying day of my life - like we were suddenly slammed into some unfamiliar, violent new reality that, up to that day, we had only read about in newspapers - about places far, far away.


that reality never quite materialized at home - most of us shook off the dust, picked up the pieces, and moved on. but there are people in this world who live in constant fear, for whom such violence is a daily reality. today, please consider taking a moment to remember not only those who lost their lives on 9/11, but also those living through such tragedy day after day.

most days it's too easy to forget.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

and now for something completely different

yarn bomb! 17 july 2011

i know, i know - i seemed to have skipped a couple of important months in my life here. yes; i am a married woman now. and i have lots to share, soon - when we get the digital photos back from our awesome photographer.

in the meantime sit back, relax, and enjoy some YARN BOMBING!

yarn bomb! 17 july 2011

you can kind of see - the yarn is sparkly! also, i came up with a tag. little bunny thinks it's cute!

yarn bomb! 17 july 2011

6:30AM seems a perfect time to yarn bomb around here. i just got back from the farmers' market, and this little guy is now surrounded by nice, locked-up bikes.

any bets on how long it stays up?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the final countdown

wedding crafts


wedding crafts

we're almost there. and this week, all week? family, friends, and CRAFTS.

next time you see me? i'll be a mrs. it's gonna be grand!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

one note

wedding invites
(wedding invitations by ohmydeer.)

i fell off the face of the earth there. i know. we're a bit busy with the wedding but i promise - i'll be back soon.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

iron craft challenge #5: be mine

well. this week's challenge was to make something to give someone for valentine's day. with which i have absolutely no issue; i'm not a terribly sentimental kind of gal, but hand-crafting something to present to a loved one on a lovey holiday? i can do that.

but i can't post it up here and on flickr today and still keep it a surprise for feb 14.


i decided to make something for someone(s) who won't be checking up here. or, honestly, care that they received their gifts a few weeks early.

Iron Craft #5

CAT TOYS!* (remember these?)

okay, i know - an awful lot of animal activity on this blog lately. but i can't help it. they are awfully cute and photograph well. exhibit A:

Iron Craft #5

exhibit B:

Iron Craft #5

-organic catnip
-embroidery floss

five weeks down - many more to go!

*don't you just love that little earthenware pitcher? vintage west german waechtersbach - a total steal at my local thrift shop. score!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iron craft challenge #4: get cozy (with tutorial)

so this week's challenge was to make a coffee cup cozy. you'd think: right up my alley. right? wrong. problem is, my coffee cups all have those silicone rings that prevent you from burning your hand in the first place. a cozy - completely unnecessary. what to do, what to do.

then i realized that my cup was in fact missing something very important: a dry-erase board.

oh yes.

Iron Craft #4

my office has a starbucks on the premises. this is a good thing and a bad thing. bad thing: pricey. good thing: an excuse to get some air and take a quick mental break with colleagues. often, the good thing wins over bad - good triumphs over evil, right? right. so a while back i picked up a couple of reusable coffee cups because i try to be a responsible, thoughtful gal and all those wasted paper cups were really quite appalling. plus: you get 10 cents back every time you use one at the good 'ole starbucks.

but i was always bothered by the fact that my friendly neighborhood barista still stuck a little pre-printed paper post-it on my ceramic cup to write down my order. wasteful, wasteful.

and hence, the coffee cup dry-erase board was born. and it is simple and easy, and you probably have the stuff in your house to make your own - you know, now that you have your own handmade coffee cozy.

or even if you don't.

here's what you need:

Iron Craft #4

-clear contact paper
-some nice decorative paper (or plain - really, up to you but why be boring?)
-scissors (do you own teflon-coated scissors? why not?! go get some. will save your sanity every single day, promise!) or a rotary cutter
-a ruler (unless you're really good at eyeballing & cutting straight)
-either thread for sewing on to your cozy or ribbon to tie around your cup

oh, and some dry erase markers will come in handy later. don't forget those.

step one: first, decide what size you want your dry-erase board to be. measure and cut the pretty paper accordingly. (mine's about 2"x3".)

Iron Craft #4

step two: measure and cut two rectangles of contact paper - one that's one inch taller and wider than your piece of paper, and one that's just a bit smaller than your piece of paper.

Iron Craft #4

step three: put your pretty paper upside down (note the scribble lines from my bunting project - no shame here, i like to use scraps!). take the smaller piece of contact paper and put it on the back - it won't quite touch the edges.

Iron Craft #4

step four: turn the paper over and center the larger piece of contact paper over it, smoothing out any bubbles as you go. (it helps here to have a non-stick surface like a cutting mat!) you'll have about half an inch of contact paper all around - so trim each corner off!

Iron Craft #4

step five: flip it over again and fold over the edges of the contact paper. (because you trimmed the corners off, the edges will be nice and neat!)

Iron Craft #4

step six: punch holes and thread through yarn or ribbon, or simply sew onto your cozy.

Iron Craft #4

step seven: write on your dry-erase board with a dry-erase marker and wa-la!

Iron Craft #4

step eight: surreptitiously photograph your cup in line at your local coffee house but be too shy to kinnear the random celeb from LOST you pass on your way back.

Iron Craft #4

no more wasted paper at starbucks. you have beaten the system. congrats to you and yours.

and oh yeah: i knit a cozy. since that was the actual challenge, after all!

Iron Craft #4