Monday, December 31, 2007

lil bunny


lil b is experiencing some severe balance/nervous system issues and we're off to the doctor this AM. please keep us in your thoughts.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

feliz navidad



jennie likes b's present

three generations

there's nothing quite like christmas in vermont.

(thanks, mom, for the photos!)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

once upon a time...

...our heroine discovered that an xs snow white sweater was just not going to fit, because it was a 'true' xs and not an anne taylor xs. so she duly called up knit picks and lo and behold! they had more yarn in the right dye lot! so she put the sweater aside to work on holiday gifts and await the miraculous skein.

her wait was long and arduous, complicated by cables and twisted rib. finally, frustrated with the wait, she called again. the skein was lost. and no more of the same dye lot was to be found. now she sourly awaits an it might match well enough bit of yarn to arrive before she makes the decision whether or not to rip.*

my birthday gift from the folks was 870 yards of frog tree worsted alpaca, so this weekend i cast on for anna bell's jemima sweater.

1x1 rib is sad in alpaca

and i quickly discovered that 1x1 ribbing in very drapey single-ply alpaca just isn't going to work, no matter how you tug and block. rip, rip, rip!

twisted rib

twisted rib. much better.

i spent most of friday evening going through all my knitting books and magazines looking for the perfect pattern for this yarn (it is so soft and squishy, oh man). and i noticed something:

wtf? - IK holiday slump

umm, these are IK winter 2006 and IK winter 2007. slump much?

happy hanukkah!

happy hanukkah!

*luckily, our heroine has enough stash yarn of another variety to knit up this lovely sweater some other day.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

celebrate! holiday!

that's right! lil old me turned a whopping 28 today. i celebrated by going to a show last night (vampire weekend at the echo - good but definitely overhyped; i liked one of the opening bands, grand ole party much more), taking the day off today, and getting a massage. mmm...

happy birthday!

i opened the box from my sister a couple of days early by mistake. i swear! i've been ordering like mad from amazon myself (holidays and all you know) and i assumed this box was a gift i'd bought for someone else! anyway, look at all the lovelies. i'm already planning projects inspired by the two books and enjoyed m. hulot the night it arrived!

i received lots of other wonderful gifts but as the light's fading, photos will have to wait until another day. let's just say that if i ever get stuck on the moon, i won't be hard-pressed for sugary desserts!

umm, so...

new embroidered sweater

i also bought this gorgeous, soft hand-embroidered number for myself at a craft fair on saturday. amaranth said i deserve it! (she ended up going home with beautiful pajamas made by sweet p, who was actually at the fair!) i'm not usually so spendy (it wasn't cheap) but i got a little early b-day surprise on friday - a promotion at work. so happy birthday to me!