Saturday, June 16, 2012

public service announcement

hello those of you who must be very loyal readers!  this is just a little announcement to let you know that i've had to (hopefully temporarily) move my knitting patterns over to google docs and i'm in the process of updating the links.  thanks for your patience in the meantime.

my life has been beyond out of control of late;  hence the lack of posting.  i hope to be back soon!  in the meantime - knit on!

love, marri

Sunday, February 05, 2012

if teeth had skin...

i managed to JUST finish that baby shower gift... 20 minutes before i left the house for the shindig. so without further ado, may i present the bear hat, designed by linda cyr:


no baby around the house, so mr owl had to model for me. okay, isn't it just too sweet? let's have a round of awwws.

this was a pretty simple pattern that proved to be a quick knit; i would have had it finished up in a weekend if my eyeball-how-to-sew-matching-pairs-of-ears mojo hadn't been totally on vacation. but that's okay. i eked it out somehow and the expectant mother (and dear friend) squealed when she opened it, so i think i can deem it a success!

my headaches seem to be on the wane (*fingers crossed*) so this weekend i decided to risk it and go for a nice long ride on my awesome new bike. have i mentioned my awesome new bike? it was the most fantastic birthday/xmas gift from b and our families.


there's a great bike path down the coast from santa monica to redondo beach, and you're riding next to the sand for most of it. this is the second time i've biked the stretch, intending to stop at manhattan beach. but it's total zen and i just keep on going...






on the way i discovered that yes, it's february, and the cacti are beginning to bloom. this is what makes living out here totally worth the rest of the crazy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


hi friends,

i've been a bit knocked out of whack lately, due to near-constant headaches with a dash of migraine thrown in for good luck. so the knitting - like pretty much everything else here - has slowed down to a halt while we try to figure out what's up. but.


a dear friend has hit her third trimester and the shower is next weekend. fingers crossed i can get a cute little something knit up in time!


hopefully i'll be back with FO photos next week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

the fuzzier side of things

have i mentioned how blessed i am to have friends like beigeberry and malaraky? we've known each other for half our lives and the farther apart we move, the more i miss them.

yarn swap!

i mean, who else would send me 8 oz of glorious alpaca? this is the bounty beigeberry bequeathed upon me during our yarn swap. we all decided we had way too much of one color or another in our stashes, and wouldn't it be nice to switch things up? malaraky pulled together a little questionnaire to help us decide what to send each other. i think i seriously scored here. YUM! what to knit, what to knit? ideas graciously accepted.

in the meantime, i'm continuing along on my acer cardigan [ravelry link]. it was a good airplane knitting project - the pattern's simple enough to memorize - and i'm hoping to get to the sleeves soon. is it bad that sometimes i'm just itching for some simple stockinette?

acer cardi

maeve the cat wishes you happy knitting, friends!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

horses and llamas and peacocks, oh my!

by now you probably all know a little something about my love for all the creatures of this good earth. i am, hands down, an "animal person" and i'm not ashamed to say it. so when a colleague told me about the gentle barn, i kinda had to go.

the gentle barn is a non-profit farm animal sanctuary in santa clarita, california. they rescue abused animals and provide them with a forever home on their beautiful farm. and they have "open hours" on sundays, where visitors can come and pet the more socialized of the bunch!

the gentle barn
(i fell in love with this horse, zoe... she just wanted to snuggle!)

the gentle barn

the gentle barn
llamas for nicole!

the gentle barn

the gentle barn

if you're in the socal area, i highly recommend checking this place out!

Monday, January 02, 2012



hey everyone! i figured what better way to start 2012 off on the right foot than to release a new free pattern? i was wracking my brain to figure out how to use that super-colorful lorna's laces that i dyed in a workshop at VK Live... and this is where i landed:

a neckwarmer and earwarmer set to brighten up the chilly and overcast days of winter, snown beautifully showcases hand-dyed and variegated yarns with a modern twist.



you can find it right here or on the sidebar to the right. ravelry page here. enjoy!

<3, marri

(p.s. - thanks for all of the sweet words about the wedding photos!)

Friday, December 30, 2011

c'est la vie 2011!

i'm not gonna to lie - it was a crazy year here at casa subliminalrabbit - noted by my absence from the internet! but it was all worth it...



...because i'm now legally entwined to my best friend and love of my life. (this is the part where you all go "aww!")

i figured i'd wrap up 2011 with a long-overdue post about the wedding!

bryan and i approached the whole thing a little differently, i think, than most. we're not particularly sentimental folk, but we do like a party. so why not throw a huge party and invite all of our friends and family to celebrate the moment with us?

we asked our sisters to perform the ceremony...


the ceremony

... and then got right to the party part!

we had a diorama station...

party on!

... and balloon animals.


party on!

a photo booth...

party on!

party on!

party on!

... and of course wonderful time spent with those we love most!

the ceremony

party on!

i tried not to get too crazy with the planning and prep. we did hire an invitation designer, whose beautiful work we ended up using for all of our signage as well, and a couple of amazing coordinators to help out with the last hurrah. i made two special pieces for the ceremony, but that was pretty much it -



all in all it was an amazing experience, and totally worth the dough. when else do you get to have everyone who loves you in one place, all there for you?


so good-bye 2011, and here's to an amazing 2012!

(more photos here for anyone really interested.)