Monday, July 05, 2010

fo: coraline


right; okay. she's been finished for about a month now but i hadn't gotten around to the photography bit. the verdict? love. love love love. i can see myself wearing this over a cute dress in the fall, or like i am here with jeans and a tank on a cooler evening. it's versatile. and it's so soft!

i love the vintage-inspired smocking around the yoke, although i did not love knitting it - a bit fiddly and sometimes difficult on my fingers, but oh so worth the effect. i love the puckered cuffs. i love all the i-cord details. i love the hem. and i love the yarn (frog tree meriboo) - super-soft and drapey, although it's too warm to wear in a socal summer and i've yet to see how it'll hold up.


pattern: coraline by ysolda teague

yarn: frog tree meriboo (dk weight)

needles: US #2 & #4



mods: i lengthened quite a bit. i've come to realize that i'm long-waisted, and i need a couple of extra inches in the arms and body. i thought this would mean i'd need quite a bit more yarn, but no; now i have an extra couple of balls left - any ideas?

and now i'll leave you with -


- gratuitous kitten photo of the day! (and messy workspace; whoops.)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

just a quick note -

y'all know how much i love ysolda's designs; always brilliant construction for a fun knit that's super-cute and wearable. well, it's her 25th birthday and to celebrate, she's offering all of her designs at a 25% discount on ravelry today. so go go go! may i recommend coraline? FO photos soon!