Monday, March 15, 2010

on and on and on

i feel like i start posts this way far too often:

dudes, i'm sorry i've been away so long.

but i have an really good reason.


i have a new job.

now, i don't usually blog about work - because there's nothing like publishing a public account of the people who keep a roof over your head and food in your belly to risk said head and belly. i'm pretty sure 'yall are aware that i have a "normal" job because i do mention "the office" from time to time. well. now i have a new one, down the street and within the same uber-company. it was one of those magical situations where things just sort of fell into place and i feel so lucky.

but it's busy, 'yall. super-crazy-busy. thank goodness i'm in the middle coraline's stockinette slog or else i wouldn't be knitting at all.


as it is, this fabric makes me smile so much, and it's well worth picking up to knit a row here and there. frog tree meriboo is so soft and drapey and slighty shiny without being all in-your-face glitter-go. fingers crossed it doesn't pill. i'll let 'yall know.

anyway. that's my boring report. when life settles - evens out a bit - maybe i'll become a more interesting person again. until then, happy knitting!