Monday, May 31, 2010

good golly miss molly

okay, i've been holding off a new post forever to be able to introduce her properly, but forget it. i can't wait any longer. meet molly:



isn't she unbelievably adorable? we decided a few months back that it would be good to find maeve a friend; she becomes so bored during the day, and can't quite figure out how to interact with the rabbits. and then a few weeks ago, my yoga teacher mentioned that she fosters for the city shelter and had five kittens just about ready for adoption. fate? absolutely. we went over to her house and molly promptly settled in my lap. now we're just waiting for her to hit the 2 lb mark so she can be spayed and come home with us. (thanks to keri for the photos to help tide us over!)

in the meantime, we've been preparing for her arrival:



maeve and the bunnies both thoroughly approve of this awesome 70s-inspired hut/scratching post/feather toy amazingness. it was kind of a pain to put together but totally worth it!



inspired by some felt cat toys i saw at the modern dog, i also picked up organic catnip, recycled felt, and jingle bells. there really is a dearth of stylish cat toys out there, so i took matters into my own hands. and if you might remember, a few years back i decided i'd attempt embroidery? that didn't last long, but at least now i'm starting to use up some of the floss!


maeve approves.


also? there's been knitting. expect FO photos soon!

happy memorial day!

(what should i knit next?)

Friday, May 07, 2010

now with actual knitting content, part ii


look! a sweater! well, almost. i've successfully joined the sleeves and the body on ysolda's coraline and finished up the raglan decreases. now i'm ready to attack the smocking in knit group tomorrow! if we're lucky, we'll finally be able to sit out on the patio at our local library.

what have i been doing in the meantime?


taking over the world!

for some reason i got it into my head that i wanted to play risk. to be fair, i'd never played it before. ever. somehow i completely missed that boat during middle school. so we picked up a board and battle-ready hats and set to!


lots of instruction-reading and head-scratching ensued. maeve watched over the proceedings and tried to make a move or two herself. you see, unfortunately with this new board you need a minimum of three players, and she wasn't following the rules. i think i managed to conquer venezuela before we gave up.

luckily, b found instructions for two-player risk on the interwebs so we'll have to give it another shot! world domination? some other weekend.