Sunday, June 28, 2009

london bridge is falling down

well, not really but i couldn't think up a cute name for this post so that's what you get. we're home. we've been home for almost a week but things have been so crazy at work and i've had so many photos to upload, i'm just getting to the posting part now. so, here we go!

we arrived in london 7 june (oooh! european date formatting!), took the heathrow express into paddington, and walked two blocks to one of the coolest hotels i've ever stayed at. the rooms were definitely new york city hotel room size, but so beautiful designed -

but enough about the hotel because as nice as it was, that's not the fun part. paddington was perfectly situated to explore the rest of the city. and so we did. and with no further adieu,

Prince Albert Memorial
the prince albert memorial

Buckingham Palace
buckingham palace fountain

The Thames
the london eye

Westminster Abbey
westminster abbey

Camden Town Canals
camden town canals

Kensington Gardens
kensington gardens

Kensington Garden Swans
lovey swans

Victoria and Albert Museum
victoria & albert museum

Liberty House
liberty house

The Tower of London
fun at the tower of london

for the most part, the weather was wonderful - just a bit of rain here and there. which was lucky, because we were in london during the subway strike. great timing, eh? we did a lot of walking!

i adored the parks, westminster abbey, and the victoria & albert museum, which houses an amazing mechanical tiger, a lovely tea room, and one of the coolest gift shops i've ever seen. the tower of london was less exciting - so much reconstruction! luckily i got my real old castle fill in wales, but more about that later.

oh, right! we went to liberty! we basically walked the floors and pet beautiful things - clothes, fabric, yarn... and all i bought was a pair of travel scissors. because really, do i need more rowan yarn at the same price i can get here? don't worry, there was stash enhancement on this trip - also in wales, a most magical place.

but that's not next. next is greece. next is... tomorrow.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

no time like the present

well, i didn't get out and about too much in vegas what with all the meetings and presentations and prep work. i swear i've never loved los angeles as much as when i caught a glimpse of the bright lights out my bumpy bumpy plane window upon arrival home. vegas is... so smokey. and dirty. and hot. and just not for me.

but these guys are.


check out those lamps in the background!


i didn't walk the strip much - my poor colleagues had to basically carry me back from ceasar's palace to our hotel i was so ready to collapse from lack of sleep. but i did manage to snap a couple of photos:



i just love the exterior of the flamingo. it's so kitschy!

so. the tank. while i was gone, i realized that i have to do this right or i won't wear it. it needs to be just the way i want it to be. so it's coming with me to europe in its almost-finished state, and we'll see...

50 hour count-down!