Sunday, November 13, 2011

bella's mittens - downloading

just popping in to answer a few questions about downloading bella's mittens that have popped up lately in the comments here and on ravelry.

yes, the link still works.

i've tested it on multiple computers. my guess is that a few of you nice folk might be using (*shudder*) internet explorer which might require you to do something funky because it's created by microsoft and therefore not intuitive. (*ducking as microsoft die-hards throw things at me.*) please do yourself a favor and go download firefox.* you can thank me later.

now just click on the link on the sidebar. or here. it should automatically download.

if you're still having difficulties, please feel free to email me at info[at]subliminalrabbit[dot]com. i'm happy to email you the pattern when i have a moment.

happy knitting!

bella's mittens

*so apparently there are some issues for you google chrome users too! apologies - not sure why it's not reading the code...